Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Dining at Astoria Bohol's Pamana Restaurant

Aside from the Bibingka de Astoria which Your Roving Eye and scores of foodies swear to be the best bibingka in Bohol, Astoria Resort’s Pamana Restaurant has an array of the most inventive and certified bestsellers in its international and Filipino cuisine from appetizers to soup to main entrees.
 Your Roving Eye, Beth Suarez & Mrs. Vel Ranoco
We had a chance to sample three of the restaurant’s bestsellers & specialties:

We started with their CHICKEN BINAKOL SOUP, chicken soup simmered in coconut water, lemon grass, ginger & choice spices. Served in a freshly opened coconut shell (bakol) and with pita bread. The best thing about the soup is you can scoop out the slivers of coconut meat and have it with the soup!

 Chicken Binakol Soup

ADOBONG GUSOK (Ribs) SA PINYA, pork ribs slowly simmered in tasty adobo sauce and fresh pineapple. The sauce is surprisingly sweet and tangy and can actually be mixed with the scoop of rice!
 Adobong Gusok sa Pinya

TORTANG BOHOLANO, ground pork omelet, thinly- sliced onions & potatoes topped with native Bohol chorizo and all fried with the boiled eggplant!

Tortang Boholano 

The best part of the culinary experience? Feasting on the unique gastronomic experience while enjoying the panoramic view of the beach and the azure skies.

If you crave for good food and value your privacy and go for intimacy, Astoria Resort's Pamana Resort is the place for you.

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