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Part 2: Bb Pilipinas Special Award Winners from Bohol

With the 55th edition of Bb. Pilipinas taking place on March 18, Your Roving Eye will take you to a stroll down memory lane and give the spotlight again to the lovely Boholanas who won a special award or corporate sponsor award in the country's most prestigious beauty pageant.

Special awards are often the barometer used to determine who will most likely end up as the big winners at the conclusion of the coronation night. 

Corporate sponsor awards, on the other hand, indicate who made the best impression on the sponsors.

Here is the elite list of Boholanas who were special awards and corporate sponsor award recipients through the years: Only a handful of Boholanas have placed or made a mark in Bb. Pilipinas. In fact, only five of them have earned the distinction.

Here they are:

Three to five outstanding ladies who embody the qualities of Lux beauty soap are named as Lux Ladies during coronation night. More often than not, most if not all of the Lux Ladies end up as the big winners, runners up or finalists.

All five Lux Ladies made it to the Top 15 from a field of 37 beauties
In 1979, Peral Salig became the first of two Lux Ladies from Bohol. She was in good company. The others who made it as Lux Ladies were Criselda “Dang” Cecilio who was crowned Bb Pilipinas- Universe, Perla of course was 1st Runner Up, Cathy Veloso was 2nd Runner Up while Tina Orleans and Victoria Garcia made it as finalists.
Taina Manigque

In 1985, the Triumph Court of Fashion model Taina Manigque became the second Boholana to be selected as Lux Lady.

Anna Maris Igpit at 18 years old was the picture of elegance
In 2006, Anna Maris Arcay Igpit whose parents hail from Panglao, Bohol was proclaimed Best in Evening Gown. Three years of modeling and pageant experiences helped a lot in the very regal and elegant way that she showcased her evening and you cannot deny her stage presence and youthful charm during that particular segment.  

Candidate # 20 Anna Maris Igpit was a sight to behold in hewr swimsuit
Of course, the Best in Evening Gown award was just icing on the cake for she ended up with the Bb Pilipinas- World crown on her head at the conclusion of the pageant. 
2006 Bb Pilipinas Queens and Runners Up
Photo Credits: NJBP International

The first and only Boholana to be named Miss Talent in Bb Pilipinas is Richell Angalot. Her prior experience as 1st Princess in GMA 7’s Starstruck reality talent search helped a lot as she oozed with confidence and charm during her talent presentation showcased weeks earlier before the pageant night. 

Richell Angalot is Miss Talent

Richell Angalot is Miss Araneta Center's Shoppers' Choice

Richell Angalot is also Miss Natasha Beauty

Aside from the Miss Talent special award, she was also the recipient of two corporate sponsor awards; Miss Natasha Beauty and Araneta Center's Shoppers' Choice.
2009 Bb Pilipinas Queens & Runners Up
Richell eventually finished as 1st Runner Up.  

will Karen Gallmann set another record for a second Miss Photogenic title on March 18?
Karen Gallman whose mom hails from Ubay, Bohol is the first and only Boholana to be voted as Miss Photogenic by the mediamen and press photographers who covered the event. Ms. Gallman won the Miss Photogenic title during her first attempt at Bb Pilipinas back in 2012.

Watch for the following BbPilipinas 2018 TV Specials, ABS CBN Channel 2:

Bb Pilipinas 2018 Primer            Sunday, March 11, 9 PM
Bb Pilipinas Pageant Night       Sunday, March 18, 9 PM

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