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1990 Miss Bohol Fiesta Islands: Tiffany Matuod Yap

After hitting the twenty year mark as a pageant emcee, I can finally say with conviction that I have met some of the most unforgettable contemporary Boholana beauties who come in different shapes & sizes. 

Let me share my reminiscences on these lovely beauties

Let me begin with the lady who figured prominently in the early years of my pageant hosting sojourn.

Who can forget the former Tiffany Matuod Yap, daughter of Engr. Abraham Yap and Corazon Matuod, a pageant neophyte who won two very important Bohol- based beauty titles?


I still remember it vividly. It was the first week of November 1989 when Rene Relampagos, the then interim president of the Bohol Confederation of Youth Organizations (BCYO) called us for a meeting at his office.

The agendum? Organizing and producing the first Campus Girl Personality Search in 1989, an inter- school competition to be participated by Tagbilaran City- based secondary schools, colleges and universities both private and public.

Pulchritude, poise and personality projection were the main criteria with the talent and campus involvement of the candidates as deciding factors as well

The target date for the pageant was December 9, 1989 to be held at the DWCT Gymnasium. eight schools responded to the invitation: the then Divine Word College (both high school & college departments competed) now HNU, PMI, University of Bohol, BIT, Bohol National High School now DCPNHS, and Bohol Wisdom School

Choreographing the pageant was the very talented Alexar Paylado and directorial duties assigned to me. I was also offered the hosting duty with Leni Ingking

Among the candidates who competed were coeds Irma Enerio, Ebelyn Mejares, Felda Magdalunes and Janet Bunda all from DWCT , Damiana Platino and Rose Dalugdug both from PMI and Milvian Borja of UB, the high school girls were Sophia Lorraine Alvarez DWCT HS, Heidi Ingking & Joanna Cheryl "Chewee" Evardone of BNHS now DCPNHS and Tiffany Yap from BWS

Pre-pageant fave was Irma Enerio who was the year's reigning Miss Tagbilaran 2nd RU

During the pageant night, the high school girls shone the brightest from the moment they came out in pompoms and cheerleader outfits and danced to the tune of Bad Boys from Miami Sound Machine . In fact, four of the Top Five Finalists came from the high school level. Best in Gown was Heidi Ingking, Best in Shorts was Tiffany Yap, Best in Casual Wear was Chewee Evardone and Miss Talent was Irma Enerio

Final Results:

Campus Girl 89 - Tiffany Yap Bohol Wisdom School, she was also Best in Shorts, 1st RU - Janet Bunda DWCT, 2nd RU - Sophia Alvarez DWCT HS and she topped the closed- door panel interview, 3rd RU - Heidi Ingking Bohol National High School & Best in Gown. 4th RU & Best in Cocktail Wear was  Chewee Evardone Bohol National High School

Tiffany, the reluctant sixteen year old with no pageant nor modeling experience had beaten the odds and was proclaimed the winner of the first ever Campus Girl search launched in 1989. Her victory wouldn't stop there for she would later on win the Miss Bohol Fiesta Islands crown that was to be launched the following year.

Janet Bunda would be 1st RU in Miss Tagbilaran the following year. Sophia Alvarez would be crowned Miss Tagbilaran 93, Heidi Ingking as Miss Tagbilaran 91 1st RU and Miss Bohol Sandugo 91 3rd RU, Chewee Evardone would be crowned Miss Tagbilaran 91 and Miss Bohol Sandugo 91 2nd RU


July 1990. The very first Miss Bohol Sandugo Pageant was handled by BCYO, the same group that organized the very successful 1989 Campus Girl Search. Ricky Inting, one of the legendary dancers of his generation, choreographed and directed the pageant. My hosting tandem with Leni Ingking was given the emceeing job.

Tiffany would always be remembered for winning the Miss Bohol Fiesta Islands crown which was officially launched in July 1990. With her second beauty title, she was able to silence her sceptics and had proven that her Campus Girl victory was no fluke nor a luck-of-the draw.

She was to win the first of three consecutive Miss Bohol crowns for Jagna 1990, 1991 and 1992. The record still stands until today

During the 10th year anniversary of Miss Bohol Sandugo in July 2000, Tiffany Yap- Glarino and Winnie M. Lim- Ventulan, 1989 Miss Bohol Fiesta Islands title holder who were both invited for the pageant milestone were properly acknowledged moments before the coronation of the new titleholder

Tiffany's runners up in the 1990 Miss Bohol Fiesta Islands:

1st RU - Marivic Labado - Miss Tagbilaran City, 2nd RU- Rica Pureza Alas - Miss Baclayon, 3rd RU- Judith Binangbang - Miss Carmen & 4th RU- - Baby Bersaluna- Miss Alicia

Marivic Labado would later be crowned Miss Cebu Doctors College that year and make it the following year as a member of Penshoppe Circle- Batch 1991, then the country's most prestigious modeling search for image models.

            Your Blogger as the pageant emcee in 1990
I would always remember Tiffany for her charming disposition and almost child- like shyness. During rehearsals, she would just stay in one corner, read her books and notes which she always carried with her.

On a personal note, this pageant would be very memorable to me for this was to be the first of so many hosting honors for future editions of Miss Bohol Sandugo. 

Who would have known that I would also be hosting the pageant twenty years after its launching?

Tiffany has retained her beauty queen look two decades after winning her 1989 Campus Girl- Bohol title and her 1990 Miss Bohol Fiesta Islands crown


Tiffany graduated with a BS Psychology degree from USC in 1996. ,She is married to Glenn Glarino, a professor in Psychology at the University of San Carlos in Cebu City with whom she has three kids, namely; Frankl, 15, David, 13 and Aubrey, 3 years old.

PRESENTLY, she is an HR practitioner connected with Cebu Holdings Inc, a real estate company affiliated with Ayala Land

Tiffany Yap- Glarino today

Year 2015 will mark the 25th year anniversary  of Tiffany's Miss Bohol triumph. I look forward to that day when we could have a reunion with the girls of the 1990 batch 

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