Friday, September 14, 2012

When Raul Gatal Met Joyce Ann Burton

Bb. Universe Joyce Ann Burton- Titular
relaxes at Alona Tropical Beach Resort
Initial talks for the 2012 Miss Panglao Pageant started in earnest as early as summer of 2012 

We were already brainstorming for the biggest and the most spectacular Panglao fiesta highlight for 2012. 

"We" meant me, SK Panglao Federated Chair Aya Montero and supportive mom Nanay Nila Montero of Alona Tropical Beach Resort fame. 

I broached the idea to the Montero mother & daughter tandem that we invite former Bb. Pilipinas- Universe and Miss Young International Top Ten Finalist Joyce Ann Burton- Titular to be one of the judges for the said pageant. 

I had become fast friends with Joyce through her blogspot: 

and I believed that she would make one credible judge for she has been through it all. 

For the record, she is the first Filipina to have won two national beauty titles 

And so after an exchange of mobile numbers and a flurry of emails and FB private messages, we got her acceptance to judge our pageant.  

Aya Montero & Nanay Nila Montero
Your Blogger with Joyce Ann Burton & Nanay Nila Montero
Finally, August 29 came and I departed early so I could meet her and her hubby Ron Titular at the Tagbilaran City Airport. I became giddy and uptight when it dawned on me that I was finally going to meet one of my favorite Pinay beauty queens!

What amazes me about Joyce is her pleasant disposition, tact & diplomacy and her penchant for small talk. 

She had none of the diva attitude and primadonna ways usually associated with high profile personalities and newsmakers. 

We just hit it off & really got along well.

Joyce Ann truly is a beauty inside and out.


Joyce was a tomboyish 13 year old when her mom entered her in the 1981 Miss Young Pilipinas Pageant, official preliminary to select the country's bet to the 1981 Miss Young International Pageant which at that time was being held in Manila, Philippines.

To her pleasant surprise and amazement, she was selected as the winner and went on to place as one of the Top Ten Finalists in the international pageant

Joyce Ann Burton reacts after winning the 1981 Miss Young Pilipinas crown
 Joyce Ann Burton with fellow Asians during Miss Young International Pageant


 Joyce Ann Burton with the 1985 Bb Pilipinas Queens
Four years after representing the country in the Miss Young International Pageant, Joyce Ann was egged on by both her mom and her mentor, Mama Renee Salud, to join the 1985 Bb. Pilipinas Pageant which at that time enjoyed a round of positive news after the reigning Bb Pilipinas Maria Desiree Verdadero emerged 3rd Runner Up in the 1984 Miss Universe Pageant held in Miami, Florida, USA.

The captivating 18 year old beauty held her own against a field of competitive beauties and was declared the country's bet for Miss Universe that year

She may not have made the first cut but the experience helped her land modelling gigs both here and abroad and TV shows
Joyce Ann Burton is Bb Universe 1985
Miss Philippines Joyce Ann Burton greets everyone  
Mabuhay! during the 1985 Miss Universe Parade of Nations 
Joyce Ann truly is a beauty inside and out.

What a pleasure meeting the quintessential beauty queen of my generation

And the next time you board Cebu Pacific and you hear a soothing voice reminding you of the flight's safety reminders, it is Joyce Ann Felosias Burton speaking to you

She is also a professional voice talent, a news anchor for RPN 9's Newswatch and does all the V.O.'s of 2nd Avenue

with Joyce Ann Burton the quintessential beauty queen of my generation 

two of my favorite pageant bloggers, Joyce Ann Burton 
& Norman Tinio of

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