Friday, September 14, 2012

Super Talent Behind Miss Panglao 2012

Bohol indeed is a treasure trove of artists and talents. 

From the present bumper crop of smart and talented young ones, a very promising artist has emerged and his artistic vision was realized in the recently- concluded 2012 Miss Panglao Pageant. 

The choreography, the music, the set, everything was just perfect and even the Manila- based guests and judges were visibly impressed. 

The lion’s share of the plaudits and accolades are reserved for one unassuming young man who almost single- handedly took charge with the execution of the organizing committee’s brainstorming outputs

What is more remarkable about him is while he was breathlessly and efficiently the Event Coordination top honcho, Pageant Director, Choreographer, Schedule Master, Official Chaperone, Stylist AND yes, as composer of the official Miss Panglao theme song “Truly Beautiful”all rolled into one, he was also carrying out and attending to his job responsibility as Front Desk Supervisor of Alona Tropical Beach Resort.

The name of this guy? Deonico Calidro Guden or Deo as he is called by clique of friends. This HNU product who was one of my most capable and enthusiastic students was a campus leader during his time and presently, he also discharges his responsibilities as Rotaract District Representative for Bohol. 

The Municipality of Loon where he was born and grew up in surely missed out on the opportunity to tap this amazing Boholano’s potentials and capabilities. 

One municipality’s loss is another’s gain.

Panglao Mayor Hon. Nila Paredes Montero & Panglao Mun. Councilor Frank Montero indeed have the eye for spotting and for honing talents " 

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