Saturday, September 15, 2012

Precious Lara Does A Demi Moore

with husband Marco Alcaraz
I came across this striking photo of our country's fourth Miss International titlist and visions of Demi Moore in her birthday suit suddenly swirled in my mind. 

Yes folks, it was Demi Moore's iconic Vanity Fair cover photo in her famous pregnancy pose that started it all and spawned a trend for pregnant celebrity moms to show it off

Back then in 1991, it was a groundbreaking moment in photography and a step forward for women and a proof that pregnant women can be sexy too

The iconic shot that kept the world talking back in August 1991

From Wikipedia:
"The photo shot by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz had a long cultural and social impact in the U.S.
Many women feel that the rush of celebrities taking pregnant photos has made taking such photos glamorous for pregnant mothers.
As the photos have become more common on magazine covers the business of documenting pregnancies photographically has boomed.
"Almost fifteen years after its publication, it was listed as the second best magazine cover of the last forty years by the American Society of Magazine Editors"
Your Blogger interviews Lara Quigaman

The 2005 Miss International & 2005 Bb. Pilipinas- INTL titleholder accepted the invitation of Nila Montero, a highly regarded political leader & community figure and now newly- elected town mayor of Panglao, to grace the coronation night of the 2010 Miss Panglao Beauty Pageant

Panglao is considered as the tourism jewel of Bohol, Philippines with its white sandy beaches, excellent dive spots and resorts that range from backpackers' lodges to exclusive havens for the rich & famous

Ms Quigaman is shown in the pic being interviewed by yours truly and Ms. Fiel Angeli Gabin, the pageant hosts


It was pretty obvious that she wasn't a favorite nor that close to the hearts of the Bb Pilipinas Charities big bosses when she represented the country in the 2005 Miss International Pageant held in Japan

Proof of the matter? She was given mostly hand- me- downs or recycled outfits

She had the last laugh and went home to a heroine's welcome

 Pineapple costume was first worn by
Carla Balingit in Miss Universe 2003

 Her evening gown was first worn by
Maricar Balagtas in Miss Universe 2004
L-R: 1st RU Dominican Republic & 2nd RU Finland
 Reacting with disbelief  after being
declared Miss International 2005
Precious Lara Quigaman, with her gentle yet authoritative voice, well- proportioned figure, dynamic personality and likeable aura, wowed the locals & visitors alike of Panglao during the jampacked pageant which served as the highlights for the town's fiesta

No wonder, she won the prestigious Mikimoto pearl- studded & fur lined Miss International crown from a bevy of more than 60 beauty delegates from all over the globe


On her way to becoming Mrs. Marco Alcaraz


Precious unwittingly set a new fashion trend in international pageantry after she wore a polarizing Michael Cinco gown  during the 2011 Bb. Pilipinas Pageant.

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