Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Make Way for Thomas Michel Christe

As a rule of thumb, I don't blog about promising male newcomers who are waiting by the wings for that all- important break that would catapult them to international fame and fortune. 

They all seem to come from the same cookie cutter that churns out the same set of tall, beefy and impossibly handsome demigods. One or two of them might get noticed but sadly, the others would falter and fade into oblivion

I am deviating from my usual feature on beautiful Boholanas for I want to make way for one such gorgeous hunk who interestingly enough considers himself very Boholano in traits and values


He left his native Jura, Switzerland to study English in California, USA. 

A lot of our stars were complete unknowns before they were discovered. The same thing happened to Thomas. 

While walking in the busy streets of Los Angeles, he was approached by a model agent who asked him if he was interested to be a model. 

Initially, he refused but the model agent was persistent perhaps he saw something in Thomas. 

Eventually, he gave in and very soon was modeling clothes across the runway and was part of the last Los Angeles Fashion Week

Like fish to water, he took to runway modeling with surprising ease and confidence.

Everytime he strides onstage, he walks and sashays like a seasoned model


Thomas Michel Christe is of Swiss- Italian and Spanish descent. He speaks French, English, German and Italian. 

Thomas aspires to do movies, land an important advertising campaign  and star in his own music videos. Yes folks, Thomas is a lyricist and composer

Don't let his looks deceive you. With his imposing 6' 2" frame, he might come across as pushy or arrogant but he is not. Inside the well- built physique is a gentle and sensitive guy  who has a soft spot for children and the elderly. 

In fact, he has lent his image and time to the MikeyGatal Kids Foundation, a non- stock non profit organization that assists orphaned  kids and children with special needs. 

For the past few months, he has been modeling the I Love MG shirt because he wants to help the organization raise funds for its  various humanitarian activities. 

with the iconic Mikey Gatal, the popular owner of
Want to be a model? check out the website for details

A few months back, Thomas graced the fiesta celebration of the association of US- based Guindulmanons to be with his Boholano friends 

Photo opportunity with US- based Guindulmanons 
Charisma and charm

His amazing adventure in the U.S. has not been without sacrifices. "It's hard being away from my family and I had to break up with my girlfriend who lives in Switzerland, "admits  Thomas.


Thomas is already planning to come to the Philippines to try out the local modeling scene and check out possible opportunities in Philippine showbiz.

Part of his itinerary is a three day whirlwind visit to Bohol

Good luck Thomas!

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