Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Thank God for Another Birthday

Me & Eileen Thornton: Joint Feb Bday Celebrants
I am overwhelmed with the number of birthday greetings that swamped my FB Timeline today. 

Can you imagine scrolling down on a seemingly endless parade of greetings and inspirational messages from friends, strangers, peers, colleagues, acquaintances, and even from former students who are now professionals? 

I feel so loved and somehow, the aches that I have encountered lately have been assuaged.

To all of you who remembered and who took time to write something, create cards, gave presents and even baked a birthday cake, thank you so much

All the messages, the greetings, the hugs and the beso beso were a shot in the arm. 

with lifestylebohol staff : DJ Arro & Sonieta Labasan

You boosted my low morale and helped me fight off the bouts of depression that I have been wrestling with lately.

Call it the coming to terms with midlife crisis but I'm sure that this too shall pass

Thanks again everyone. 


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