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Amon & Karen's Perfect Valentine's Day Story

It’s February and it’s that time of the year when love & romance take center stage. As a tribute for this most romantic of all holidays, I would like to spotlight two couples whose compelling & heartwarming love stories continue to inspire and never fail to bring a smile on people’s faces. 

Thank you to Michael Yu who responded to lifestylebohol's request for two to three couples who have the most compelling love stories.

Here’s the first love story as shared by Boholano couple Amon and Karen Bulilan  who trace their roots in Tubigon.

Karen the teenager 
“Karen is my fairy tale and my reality” was how Amon described the love of his life. Theirs is a love story that you thought can only happen in the movies but it was definitely for real. 

Amon revealed that he had already seen his destiny and future when he was still in his prepubescent years. The very moment he first caught sight of Karen, it was magic. 

“ I could not get my eyes off on Karen ever since. My very first glance of her was at a school activity in our home town. She had those angelic smiles and a very beautiful face.

I was imagining that someday I will marry this girl. She was the one. She was 10 years old then.” 

There was never a problem with our age gap of four years. We grew up in the same town in Tubigon, Bohol and we graduated from the same high school never mind if I graduated five years ahead of Karen.” 

While she was still in high school, she looked more mature than any other high school girls. She was ahead of her time but with a very innocent heart.

Over time my hope was slowly fading. I started to realize that it was just a fantasy. How could that be when other much attractive boys also wanted her. I would never be picked. I was not attractive. I had no chance. I had no chance at all. She was a true beauty.  I used to believe that princesses are only for princes. I never had a chance to get closer to her. I was not a match for her. But then again, I did not lose hope. I believed that she would mine someday.

Amon studied Physical Therapy in Cebu City  
I was educated in Cebu City where I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy. I never had a chance to visit my hometown that often when I was in college due to my busy schedules. 

I did not see Karen for years until that one occasion at a town fiesta. She had blossomed  from a cute little girl to a beautiful lady. 

I was dying to get closer to her but my friends told me that she was beyond my reach. 

She was a candidate for Miss Tubigon that year. My friends said that it would be too impossible for me. I was just a nobody my friends added.

I already knew that my feeling was real during that first time I ever saw her back in my childhood. My feelings had pushed me to wait for years. I never had a girlfriend . I never gave up on her. They said that I was just a nobody, but I proved them wrong. I am a lot smarter than all the rest of them. I became a Physical Therapist in the summer of 2000.


Some guys have all the luck. But I was the luckiest among them. During that summer 2000, like owning a million dollar winning lottery ticket, I was invited by her parents to their house. They asked me if I could help their daughter, Karen, who was complaining with back discomfort. I could not believe at first that was for real. I finally got to meet Karen right before my eyes. One of the most wonderful moments in my life. I was in love, a true love.
The moment I was waiting finally came. We got to know each other a little more each time. She also saw me and remembered that day at the school activity. She caught me by surprise when she told me that she also had waited for me. She had no other lover before me because she also had dreamed that I will marry her someday. I went back to school in Holy Name University in Tagbilaran City to catch up my lost time while she was in college. We spent a year together as classmates. Then we fled to the United States to settle down. 

It was not an easy way to win her heart until that very first kiss which we treasure forever. And the rest is history. We’ve been through a lot of stormy and sunny days along the way. This greatest love story that cannot be written on a single page. But we made it through.

 AMON & KAREN: A Beautiful Love Story 
We got married last 2009 and everyday, our home reverberates with the laughter of our children Adrianne Angelina and Sebastian Noah.

Presently, we are based in California, USA and everyday still feels like yesterday when I first came came to know her. I believe in fantasies, but youv’e got to fight for it and never give up on your fantasy because a fantasy can be a dream that turns into into a reality”
 Adrianne Angelina and Sebastian Noah.

Amon Bulilan

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