Sunday, February 8, 2015

HNU's Ultimate God & Goddess of Literature

CONGRATULATIONS to Kimberly Dancel Gango and Mark Oppus for besting 30 other contenders for the Ultimate God & Goddess Challenge titles during the English Week Celebration, Holy Name University. She was Athena while he was Poseidon.

According to Dr. Ramon Boloron, Languages Chairperson of HNU, the activity was a fun way for the Literature students to get acquainted with the different deities of world literature. Judging was based on stage projection, costume authenticity, speech delivery & overall impression.

As expected, Kimberly delivered the goods when it mattered the most. In short, she aced it. The pleasant surprise though was Mark Oppus, the basketball jock. He had an impeccable delivery of his lines, the modulated voice and the stance.  

In a competition where first impression is everything, one has  to stand out in the brief moment that you have the spotlight

Both are freshmen BA Communication Arts students & were coached by Dr. Carmen Decierdo. Styling & costume by Charlow Arbasto. 

Your Blogger & Krizia  do the final touch up 
Kimberly Dancel Gango & Mark Oppus
Yours truly & Krizia Marie Gango, Kim’s elder sister, finetuned their performances & critiqued their final get- go 

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