Monday, April 18, 2016

Why Maxine Medina is Miss Universe Philippines 2016

She gave many pageant fans including Your Roving Eye quite a scare when she gave a tentative response during the Q & A segment.

In the end, it was the regal aura & queenly bearing of Maria Mika Maxine Medina that made her clinch the most coveted crown in Bb Pilipinas. You just can’t deny the polished look of Maxine and her classy styling.
  Maria Mika Maxine Medina is MUP 2016

By the way, for those who have been ranting why Maxine won over Nicole & Kylie despite what many Pinoys thought was a weak Q & A, remember this: Even if a certain candidate becomes the top scorer during the Bb Pilipinas  Coronation Night, it is not an assurance that she will also get the Miss Universe Philippines crown. 

You see, prior to the announcement of winners, there is a final deliberation done behind closed doors among judges and the organizers as they assess each finalist and assign a title. This is where a lot of factors come into play such as age of the finalist and type of beauty favored in the particular international pageant assignment. 

Finally, Q & A in Bb Pilipinas is only a mere 10% of the criteria for BPCI knows that this segment is very subjective and since the quality of one's response is highly dependent on a lot of factors like the type of question thrown in & degree of difficulty. Add to the mix the emotional, physical & mental state  that a candidate is in and you will realize that Q & A should not be the measure of one's intelligence.

This reminds me of how top Binibini of batch 1970 Aurora Pijuan ended up going to Miss International instead of Miss Universe because BPCI knew that with Gloria Diaz as the reigning queen, a back-to-back wasn’t possible and  she would just be wasted there. She ended up being sent to Miss International where she emerged as winner as expected.

This is not to say that Maxine will be sent as a token candidate to Miss Universe because the reigning Miss U is Pia Wurtzbach. The point is Maxine has Miss Universe written all over while Kylie despite her being stunning & fierce is not the Miss Universe prototype.

Only time can tell whether BPCI & the judging panel were right on the money or erred big- time in the assignment of pageant titles.

For the meantime, let the girls savor their well- deserved victories and let’s wish them well on their forthcoming pageant journeys.

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