Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Mutya sa Tagbilaran 2016 Talent Night

Mutya sa Tagbilaran 2016 staged its Talent Competition last Friday at the Bohol Cultural Center. The fast- paced two hour show was not only a showcase of the girls’ talents in the creative & performing arts but  also a preview on how the girls would register onstage on pageant finals.

Mutya sa Tagbilaran 2016 Talent Night

The girls’ chit chat with the event hosts Christine Ann T. Juguan and Darlene B. Galao right before their individual talent presentations also gave the audience a hint of the girls’ communication skills and personality projection.

 Panel of Judges
Eleven of the girls presented a variety of stylized dance numbers that ranged from folk & traditional to dance sports and the interpretative kind. Their dance presentations were spiced up with a little acting, monologue and most had partners or back up dancers. Three of the girls opted to showcase their vocal stylings and one candidate showed off her dramatic flair.

 # 1 Mutya ng TIPTIP
 # 2 Mutya ng POB II
#3  Mutya ng DAMPAS                                           #4  Mutya ng DAO

# 5 Mutya ng  DAO                                             #6  Mutya ng MANSASA

# 7 Mutya ng COGON                                               # 8 Mutya ng POB III

# 9 Mutya ng BOOY                                                 # 10 Mutya ng MANGA

#  11 Mutya ng SAN ISIDRO # 12  Mutya ng CABAWAN

 # 13 Mutya ng TALOTO
 # 14 Mutya ng POB 1
 # 15 Mutya ng UBUJAN
Overall, it was an electrifying night that was punctuated with the supporters’ deafening cheers & thunderous applause. For the 15 candidates, the admiration from adoring fans and the chance to share with the audience their art were all worth the endless rehearsals, the sleepless nights and the pressure to deliver.
 Your Roving Eye with City Mayor Baba Yap, First Lady Jane Yap & Grace Torres
The Pageant Chair, Tagbilaran City First Lady Jane Cajes- Yap delivered the welcome remarks & City Mayor Baba Yap was all praises & admiration for the way the city’s barangays gave their all- out support to the girls.  Fr Val Pinlac chaired the panel of judges that included Ms Jeycelle Inting, Mr. Kevin Lao Minoza &  Mrs. Rosemarie Palma.
 With Fr. Val Pinlac, Grace Torres, Jeycelle Inting & GSO John Toralba

Based on the criteria that focused on performance & showmanship with the degree of difficulty factored in, Your Roving Eye believes that the top scorers during the Talent Performance would have to be # 1 Tiptip who gave a dazzling song number, # 5 Bool who performed a couple of folk dances & played the kulintang, # 6 Mansasa with her very fluid dance moves, #10 Manga with her interpretative dance # 15 with her show- stopping number. 

For entertainment value, # 2 Pob II, # 7 Cogon, # 12 Cabawan  were tops and for relevance, # 3 Dampas,  # 8 Pob III & # 13 Taloto. The rest did quite well also like # 4 Dao, # 9 Booy, # 11 San Isidro & # 14 Pob I

With Kag. Betty Torralba & three of her grandkids: Bullecer siblings Megan, Norton and Nyle


with LP City Council bets: L-R: Hon. Dodong Gonzaga, Ondoy Borja, Jonas Cacho, 
Your Roving Eye  & his cousin Greggy  Gatal


Minutes before the show started, Your Blogger had a quick & snappy interview with all the ladies at the backstage.

  Mutya beauties: Pob II, Coogon & Booy
 last- minute preening & rehearsing
Find out if your candidate is Miss Talent during the Mutya sa Tagbilaran Grand Coronation Night this Sunday, April 24, 8 pm, Bohol Wisdom School Gym 

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