Friday, June 15, 2018

Miss Bohol 2018 Independence Day Special Appearance

Last June 12, Boholanos got a glimpse of all 21 ladies who are vying for the Miss Bohol 2018 crown. Patriotism and nationalist fervor pervaded that morning as Bohol joined the rest of the Philippines in commemorating the country’s 120th Independence Day. 
a ray of sunshine and radiant Boholana beauty
The girls came in their interpretation of the Filipiniana.  And here are my sensational seven who wowed the crowd with their fabulous fashion independence. 
who will be the Quintessential Boholana for 2018?

 This list will not, in any way, affect the official results and is merely reflective of Your Blogger’s preferences. 
MISS LOBOC wore a modern interpretation of the Filipiniana. Her fresh & light day make up and healthy lustrous hair complemented her outfit. 
MISS LOON the vibrant orange color complemented her delicate complexion. She exuded beauty, confidence and a good dose of self- assuredness. 
MISS SAGBAYAN green is a very difficult color to pull off but in her case, it highlighted her overall presentation. Most importantly, you just can’t ignore that classic beauty and winsome smile. 
MISS SEVILLA While I’m no fan of gowns that reveal those tippy tops, the figure- hugging and simple line made her look taller and her legs longer. The modern twist of the butterfly sleeves and the delicately- designed heels gave her extra oomph. 
MISS TALIBON while the dress was quite safe in design, the intricate patterns and her overall styling made her a sight to behold. 
MISS TUBIGON I love how the gown’s hemline length was just enough to cover those tippy tops. She also knew how to carry and present her Filipiniana in the proper manner. 
MISS UBAY everything about her was perfect. The serpentina cut of her gown showcased her hourglass figure and of course, the bun she sported proved to be the crowning glory in her overall presentation.

As the girls get ready in their journey towards the crown, expect the scrutiny from observers and pageant fans to become more intense. There will be pleasant surprises along the way and conversely, there would be frontrunners who will stumble or fall by the wayside. 
reigning Miss Bohol 2017: Pauline Amelincx
No matter what happens, the Miss Bohol Class of 2018 should be proud of being a part of this prestigious event.

WATCH the Grand Coronation on Saturday, July 21, 8 pm, Bohol Wisdom School Gym

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