Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pres CPG Tenders State Dinner for US Pres. Eisenhower

Every time a Philippine State Dinner is tendered by the incumbent President and the First Lady for a visiting head of state, everything has to be perfect. 

It is the time to showcase the best of Philippine hospitality, observe the strictest protocol, and execute the best photo opportunities

Behind the smiles, the sumptuous fusion of Philippine and international cuisine, glittering & expensive silverware, the most fabulous outfits and the the most dazzling jewelry are the intense jostling for the all- important invites, the thorough security checks and the food tasting

When US President Dwight "Ike" Eisenhower came for a State Visit to the Philippines through the invitation of then Philippine President Carlos P. Garcia, everyone was thrown into a tizzy. Mind you, he was no ordinary president. He was not only the leader of the world's most powerful nation but also a certified war hero and newsmaker.

The Malacanang staff's job then begins at planning and conceptualizing the event. The kind of entertainment and its execution, the selection of waiters and their training, their uniforms, haircut and background check on each of them. More than a million and one details had to be attended to ensure the success of the seemingly quite simple dinner

Here's a glimpse of the State Dinner tendered by Phil President Carlos P. Garcia and First Lady Leonila Garcia for American President Ike Eisenhower

President Eisenhower shares a light moment with First Lady Inday Garcia
Everyone awaits the highlight of the evening: The Bayanihan Company
even Pres. Eisenhower is enthralled by the Singkil Dance
The Itik- itik is performed to the bemused & fascinated smiles of the American delegation
in between the performances, Pres. CPG explains the dances to Pres. Ike 

Photo Credits:

Associated Press
Life Magazine

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