Thursday, May 9, 2013

When Dragons Invaded Bohol

The 2nd Cobra Philippine Dragon Boat Federation International Club Crew Challenge has come and gone  but its impact still lingers. It brought so much excitement to my otherwise monotonous and drab existence. 

When I got the call from Tagbilaran's top eventologist LJ Lumayag of K & N Productions inviting me to be a part of the working team behind the summer sports spectacle, little did I realize that it would open new doors for me. 

It was an honor to be working side-by-side with the unassuming and self- effacing Ret. Major General Charly B. Holganza, the Overall ExeCom Chair, who was so intent with his vision for the event and for Bohol that we couldn't help but root for him and work beyond what was agreed on. 

It was indeed one big event for new opportunities, new friends, new challenges

with Kechie, Mark & Gerson at the K & N Office
On the other hand, Sir Charly's niece and his Project Coordinator, the feisty and whooping dynamo Geraldine Gentozala- Juachon was in an entirely different league of her own. 

She knew exactly what she wanted and she says it as it is. No shades of gray for this dynamite. 

Mr. Lumayag assigned me the task of overseeing the conceptualization, revisions and production of the Souvenir Programme. After meeting the creative team composed of Ghen Lumayag, Cana Apale, Ian Anino , Mark Aranas and the rest of the gang, we were put to work immediately. 

First issues to be resolved: 

Do we go for the traditional or the new one? How many pages? what kind of printing paper will be used? will it be glossy or matte? 

What should be the size? colored or black and white? layout? what should be featured? 

Most importantly, how many working days are we supposed to work on the project?

In between beating the "deadliest" of the deadline,  we also had to contend with last minute changes, inserting   additional advertisers (who in his right mind would refuse a willing and able sponsor? pray, tell me) burning the midnight candles, assigning shifts for sleeping within the printing press so that printing will be 24/ 7

The best thing about the whole shebang? 

The food especially the breakfast prepared by Maam Nelly Lumayag and the endless cups of coffee and the unlimited supply of Marlboros..

Of course, the chika and the teasing and the practical jokes too

Thank you Gen. Charly Holganza, thank you LJ, thank you Ghen and to the rest of the gang

Miss you like crazy!
Finished Product: Waiting for distribution

At the end of the day, what matters the most would be the people you work with. 

Their being genuine, their being pleasant and fun to be with because when the going gets tough especially when the deadline comes nearer and tempers flare up, what we need are grace under pressure and professionalism. 

Surely and undoubtedly, K & N Productions has oodles and oodles of that.

La Bella Maria Escabarte: La Simpatica Muy Bonita Co- Emcee
with one of Bohol's prettiest :Justine Sombrio whose family owns Panda Tea Garden Suites
Bohol's paddlers during cocktails
In between editing and printing the souvenir programme, I still managed to co- emcee the event

Photo Credits:

Ghen Lumayag

Renel Dangoy

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