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1957 Miss Bohol: Olivia Solis

 Miss Bohol 1957: Olivia Solis


Year 1957 is an important year for Boholanos for within that time period, Carlos Polistico  Garcia, a homegrown Boholano, would assume the highest elective position in the country by ascendancy and later to be affirmed & validated with a convincing 44% share of the total votes in the four- cornered fight for president. 

That same year in the local beauty scene, the Boholano public in general and pageant aficionados in particular were mesmerized and captivated by the luminous  beauty & charm  of a lass from the town of Calape who was crowned the 1957 Miss Bohol. Newspapers and word- of- mouth immediately hailed her as one of the most beautiful Boholanas to ever win the crown.  

She had the movie actress- sounding name of Olivia Solis who hailed from the town of Calape. 

Olivia was so beautiful that she was deluged with offers to do Visayan movies during the 60's. She became a very popular lead actress in Visayan films. 

She became an even bigger star after the Visayan serial radio drama song "Dawata na Olivia" which was composed especially for her became a huge hit in the Visayas and Mindanao during the 70's. 
publicity shot of Olivia Solis when she was active
 in the Visayan film industry back in the 70's
The Visayas boasted of its very own Cebu City- based film industry that had its dialogue in Cebuano. It peaked between the 1950s and 1970's decade. During its heyday, it had its own film studios with Visayan- speaking actors and actresses that included Olivia Solis.

The 1970's saw the emergence of more Visayan talents in the mainstream Tagalog film industry. Actresses such as Olivia Sanchez, Chanda Romero, Caridad Sanches, Alma Moreno, Tessie Sevilla, Rebecca Torres, Aurora Villa, Eva de Villa, Rosita Fernandez, Virgie Postigo, Virgie Solis, Olivia Solis, Cora Real, Diana Arong, Luz Celeste, Annabelle Rama, Suzette Ranillo, Lady Ramos, Pilar Pilapil, and others stepped into the limelight.

This exodus eventually contributed to the unexpected demise of the Visayan film industry because the popular box office draws have left Cebu for Manila.

She later became a US resident but she returned to the Philippines when her husband became a Cebu City councilor in the late ‘90s.

I had the chance to see her in person and introduce her to an adoring hometown when she graced the 2000 Miss Calape Pageant which I emceed.

She was greeted with the loudest cheers and applause when she was acknowledged during the pageant.

Indeed, she has the timeless looks and elegance of a classic Hollywood movie star.

She proved to be the lucky charm for Melanie Wallace, the 2000 Miss Calape winner.

Miss Wallace was able to duplicate Ms Olivia Solis' achievement when she was crowned later that year as Miss Bohol Sandugo.

Presently, she is based in Hawaii where she spends her time for meaningful pursuits such as outreach and supporting her husband’s community involvement.

Timeless eleganc

Today, the ageless Olivia Solis shuttles between 
the Philippines & the U.S. to visit her grand kids


Here's the Song "Olivia"  composed by Cengo Arias & interpreted by Del Horest

Here's another version of "Olivia" by Richard Hunter

Video Credits: CebuanoMusic & Dadskyz 
Song Credits:  Antopina Records

For the list of Miss Bohol winners from 1955 to 2012, here's the link:

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