Sunday, May 12, 2013

DO's and DON'Ts For Election 2013

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Tomorrow is a going to be one special day for every Filipino. Along with basketball and cockfighting, politics is one of the passions for Juan de la Cruz. Many important issues both national and local have been dissected, debated and discussed heatedly. 

It is our obligation to exercise our right of suffrage. The past few weeks of intense campaigning has brought out the best and the worst in us. Politics have always been divisive and have been proven to be stressful. Alliances have been dismantled and pacts have been forged.

The candidates have spoken and you have heard them. You have until tonight or early tomorrow to do some honest- to- goodness soul searching. Do not let the media nor your family influence decide for you. 

Remember, every vote counts so go out and help steer our country's destiny to greater heights. 

Before you go to the precincts tomorrow, please take time to read the following tips so your voting experience will be stress- free and fast.


Are you ready to vote?The polls open for Election Day in less than 24 hours. It will be an important day, so it's a good idea to be prepared when you head to the voting booth. 

Remember, voting starts at 7 am and ends at 7 pm. Extension is however granted if there is a huge turnout of voters. I remember last Election 2010, I was able to cast my vote at almost 12 midnight already. Already starving and thirsty, I had no other choice but to wait for my turn. Nothing can beat the feeling after one has cast his/ her ballot

The Dos':

1) Bring along a list containing the names of who you will vote for. Make sure you have made your choices carefully and wisely. A prepared list will ensure that you avoid making mistakes and makes the process faster and more efficient. Trust me on this

Remember, you can only vote for :

12 Senators
1 Governor
1 Vice Governor
1 Congressman
1 Mayor
1 Vice Mayor
1 Party List

for Board Members & Councilors, the number varies for city or municipality

2) Be prepared for beating the heat on Election Day by bringing an umbrella, a handkerchief or face towel, a fan, bottle water, candies and perhaps some sandwiches. 

3) Make sure your hands are clean to avoid unnecessary marks on your ballot

4) Look for your precinct on the list and upon getting there, approach the Board of Election of Inspectors. They will ask for an ID before you are asked to sign on the list of voters, so don't forget to bring a valid ID to help the election officer verify your identity

Here are the Don'ts:

1) Over vote, or shade more than the required number of candidates in a given position. 

2) Be careless when shading the oval otherwise they will be invalidated by the machine. Please shade the oval completely

2) Look or peek at the ballots of others

3) Put unnecessary marks on the ballot other than the circles that are supposed to be shaded

4) Convert the ballot into an instant hand fan

5) Make the ballot wet

6) Fold your ballot. A voter is entitled to one ballot only so you have to avoid making any mistakes

After voting, insert the ballot in the PCOS machine, return the folder and marking pen to the BEI and get your finger dabbed with indelible ink. Don't loiter or stay around your precinct after voting. 

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