Monday, April 21, 2014

Miss Universe Sizzles in Explosive Yamamay Swimwear

It’s finally summer! And what better way to show off those curves achieved through discipline, hard work and self- restraint than strutting in a skimpy swimwear or worshipping the sun in a teeny- weeny bikini
2013 Miss Universe Molly Isler sizzles in her Yamamay Swimwear, Cancun, Mexico 
Oh by the way, speaking of bikini, it was named after Bikini Atoll somewhere in the Pacific where the atom bomb was first tested in 1946. After all, both the atom bomb and the bikini have the same explosive effects!

The swimsuit would always be synonymous with the Miss Universe crown. After all, it was the refusal of the first Miss America to wear a swimsuit that prompted furious pageant sponsor Catalina Swimwear to look for another pageant where it can promote the brand.

And so was born Miss America’s rival pageant, Miss U.S.A. and eventually, the Miss Universe Pageant. From being a mere excuse to highlight and flaunt a woman’s pulchritude, the Miss Universe Pageant has evolved into a strong global brand and has become the most prestigious international beauty competition

From Catalina Swimwear to Oscar de la Renta and to other swimsuit labels, Miss Universe has become the perfect marketing opportunity to promote swimsuits

During the 2013 Miss Universe Pageant, Yamamay Swimwear from Italy was announced as the pageant’s latest swimsuit brand partner. Right after the pageant, Miss Universe 2013, Venezuela’s Gabriela Isler models the “Yamamay Million Dollar Swimsuit For Miss Universe” during an unveiling ceremony in Moscow November 10, 2013.

Jeweller Flavio Dinacci with Miss U 2013, Yamamay Million Dollar Swimsuit unveiling presscon, 
Moscow, Russia

The swimsuit, which is handcrafted by jewelry manufacturer Dinacci, consists of nearly 200 carats of gemstones such as diamonds, emeralds and rubies, according to Yamamay.

Yamamay Million Dollar Swimsuit for Miss Universe is already available online and in select stores since December 2014 and around the world beginning January this year.

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