Friday, April 25, 2014

Miss Tagbilaran Is Back After Three Year Absence!

On April 28, 2014, the most beautiful day ever will unfold in Bohol’s capital city with the highly- anticipated return of Mutya sa Tagbilaran after a three- year hiatus.

Six of the 15 Mutya girls with Bohol First Lady Pureza Chatto,
Tagbilaran City First Lady Jane Yap & 1987 Miss Tagbilaran Fiel Gabin 
The 2014 Muya candidates during Tabo sa Tagbilaran opening 
The premier beauty competition is one of the highlights of Tagbilaran City’s 2014 fiesta celebration which, by the way, is fast shaping up as one of the most festive ever with various activities, fairs and even the presence of a carnival complete with exciting rides.

Tagbilaran City Mayor Baba Yap & First Lady Jane Censoria C. Yap with their only child
Tagbilaran City’s First Lady Mrs. Jane Censoria Cajes is the Pageant Chair. A certified beauty herself, Mrs. Yap is not a stranger to beauty pageants for she had successfully launched and organized the province- wide search for Mr & Miss Teen Bohol for two consecutive years during her term as Bohol SK Provincial Federated Chair


This is the first- time ever that the beauty search is truly city- wide in scope and participation. The beauty competition kicked off last February with a series of weekly barangay level searches being staged all over the city.  The barangay level preliminary competition is very similar to the format adopted by the  2010 Miss Panglao Pageant that was organized by the mother- daughter tandem of Nanay Nila Paredes Montero now Panglao’s first lady municipal mayor and Ms. Aya Montero, active student leader & astute entrepreneur in Panglao.

I like the format for the following reasons:

First, it has given equal opportunities to deserving ladies for a chance to represent their barangays in the pageant.

Secondly, it has become a legitimate affair where the barangay officials & the city government to work hand in hand to ensure the successful staging of a wholesome community endeavor.

Finally, it has given the local city officials led by the city mayor to grace the weekly affairs and thus become more visible and therefore, more accessible to city residents

With almost all barangays in the city fielding the winners of their respective preliminary searches, I can already visualize the pageant being transformed into an arena for one exciting beauty showdown amidst the cheers and applause not only from the girls’ supporters but also from the barangay and city government officials led by City Mayor Baba Yap.
Mutya sa Tagbilaran 1997: One of the best batches ever
The Top Three produced a doctor, a lawyer & a nurse
On the other hand, I am quite disappointed that pageant websites and blogs have not been informed of the pageant’s various pre- pageant activities, event schedules and venues. As much as we want to help drumbeat support for the pageant and to promote it extensively, we can’t for we don’t even know where to get hold of publicity photos, press releases & the candidates’ profile sheets since requests for such have not been acted on

I am confident though that with the all- out support from the public & private sectors and the mounting of a reformatted pageant, the pageant will be able to regain its luster and bring back the huge crowds that patronized the pageant. 

For Your Blogger & for others who have been keenly following & observing the Miss Tagbilaran Pageant for years, we agree that the 90’s decade was the Golden Age of Pageantry of the said beauty search.  

 Miss Tagbilaran Winners' Reunion Photo
From L-R: Your Blogger, 91 Chewee, 92 Suzy, 94 Bambi, 96 Fragelle, 97 Talie 
The Miss Tagbilaran Pageant was at the peak of its popularity then with the pageant attracting hordes of spectators every year that it was even telecast over BCCTV Channel 6

I still remember when the pageant was held at the Bohol Cultural Center from 2008 to 2010.  It was heart- breaking to see so many empty seats during that three- year period. Perhaps, it was the loss of interest for the pageant that led to its sudden cancellation from 2011 to 2013.  The challenge now is to restore its former glory and prestige.


Finally, I wish that the pageant will adopt an advocacy project that concerns women, children, health & the environment. If Miss World can launch its Beauty with a Purpose, Miss Earth with its Beauties for a Cause & Miss Universe with its AIDs/ HIV Awareness & Prevention advocacy projects, then why can’t Miss Tagbilaran?  By becoming spokespersons & becoming fundraisers for a chosen advocacy project, future Miss Tagbilaran winners can be assured of meaningful & relevant year- long reigns where they would use their crown to promote & support an advocacy that they believe in.

With the organizing committee's favorite team handling the production aspects of the pageant, everyone can look forward to a fast- paced and glamorous three- hour show that would hopefully showcase the best that Tagbilaran City has to offer.

See you all at the Bohol Wisdom School on Monday, April 28, 2014. Show starts at 8 pm

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