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Bb Pilipinas Best in Swimsuit: 2000- 2014

The Swimsuit Competition has always been the main target of feminists and radicals who have been branding pageants as exploitative and degrading to women

On the contrary, the swimsuits are empowering and liberating to women for it gives them the liberty to be in control and to be comfortable with their bodies. 

Rather than cater to the baser and more prurient interest among men, the swimsuit competition actually highlights physical fitness and showcases the beauty and symmetry of womanhood with the candidates who actually take care of themselves being amply rewarded

Aside from beauty of the face, figure and legs, the swimsuit competition also shows us how disciplined and how fit the girls are. 

Entering a pageant is like applying for a job. Glamorous yes but one that takes a lot of hard work from the girls especially for all the appearances, projects and other stuff they are required to accomplish for one year of reign

During the 2014 Bb Pilipinas Pageant set amidst the colorful & frenzied tribute to four of the most popular Philippine festivals , there was an ample display of beauty and charm as the girls sashayed and posed on stage in their modest one piece swimwear

It has been said that whoever gets the Best in Swimsuit Award is already assured of an important crown as previous results has shown

So when MJ Lastimosa was revealed as this year’s Best in Swimsuit, I almost jumped off from where I was seated for I knew that she was already a lock for one of the five titles.

Best in Swimsuit Winners Through the Years:

2000 Nina Ricci Alagao
2001 Maricar Balagtas
2002 Kate Manalo
2003 Angelina Costorphan
2004 Maricar Balagtas
2005 Gionna Cabrera
2006 Lia Ramos
2007 Abby Cruz
2008 Janina San Miguel
2009 Pamela Bianca Manalo
2010 Krista Kleiner
2011 Queenierich Rehman
2012 Nicole Schmitz
2013 Ariela Ara Arida
2014 Mary Jean "MJ" Lastimosa

2002 & 2009 Best in Swimsuit winners are sisters

Maricar Balagtas is the only Binibini to have won the Best in Swimsuit award twice 

2011 Best in Swimsuit winner Queenierich Rehman won the same special award at the 2012 Miss World Philippines Pageant where she also won the crown  

Nina Ricci Alagao
Bb Universe
Maricar Balagtas
2nd Runner Up
Kate Manalo
Bb World
Angelina Costorphan
Top 15 Semifinalist
Maricar Balagtas
Bb Universe
Gionna Cabrera
Bb Universe
Lia Ramos
Bb Universe
Abby Cruz
2nd Runner Up
Janina San Miguel
Bb World
Pamela Bianca Manalo
Bb Universe
Krista Kleiner
Bb International
Queenierich Rehman
Top 15 Semifinalist
Nicole Schmitz
Bb International
Ariella Arida
Bb Universe
Mary Jean “MJ” Lastimosa
Bb Universe

Of the last 15 winners of the Best in Swimsuit Award:

Seven (7) Bb Universe winners             46.67%
Two (2) Bb World winners                       13.33%
Two (2) Bb International winners        13.33%
Two (2) 2nd Runners Up                             13.33%
Two (2) Top 15 Semifinalists                   13.33%

73.33% or 11 of the 15 won a Bb Pilipinas crown

Based on the previous results, we can safely assume that whoever gets the Best in Swimsuit Award is already assured of a crown  

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