Thursday, July 7, 2016

Miss Alburquerque for Miss Bohol 2016

The Pearl of Alburquerque 
It has been five years since the Municipality of Alburquerque sent a candidate to Miss Bohol. Their bet this year is one of those Boholana beauties who have excelled in their fields of endeavors.  

Gregarious, amiable and warm are three of the best adjectives that come to mind when you meet 22  year old Pearl Dianne Bongo Bungabong.

Miss Silka Bohol 2014 organizers, production staff & fellow candidates remember Pearl as one of the girls who never hesitates to help the neophytes with their pasarela (pageant walk) and question and answer tips. 

She eventually finished as 2nd RU and swept most of the special awards at stake. 

Pearl is also the reigning Miss College of Medicine in Cebu Doctors University and represented her school in the 2016 Miss Association of Philippine Medical Colleges, an inter- medical school competition where she emerged 2nd Runner Up.

BEAUTY & BRAINS Ms Bungabong’s academic achievements as well as her co- curricular and extra- curricular activities are not to be sneezed at either. 

The registered nurse ranked 8th in the Cumulative Ranking Theory and 10th placer for Overall Ranking Nursing Batch 2014 and is currently on her second year as a Degree of Medicine student at the Cebu Doctors University. 

She plans to specialize in pediatrics or neurology.

If I were to win Miss Bohol, I will be a health educator  who will passionately teach Boholanos on the importance of embracing a healthy active lifestyle. Lifestyle diseases are rampant in our province such as cancer, hypertension and diabetes mellitus and it all stems from negligence of focusing on the basics like eating the right kind of food, sleeping properly and doing regular physical exercise.

Pearl  during her Miss Silka Bohol 2014 stint where she emerged among the Final Four

 Santa Monica Church

Pearl's hometown is an unassuming, quaint, little town that is nine kilometers from the capital city of Tagbilaran. But behind its simplicity, there lies a promising town. 

For the past three years, Alburquerque has been celebrating its Tuba and Kinilaw Festival every June 9, the town's foundation day. 

More than the tuba which is famed to be the best there is in Bohol and their succulent kinilaw from its aquatic resources, the festival pays homage to the industry and perseverance of the hardworking Alburanhon

Alburquerque is also home to Santa Monica Church, one of the churches in Bohol that has the most beautiful facades and miraculously spared from the ravages of the devastating earthquake that struck our province last October 15, 2013.

The town also produces various products like calamay, rock salt,ginamos,broom, claypot,and various vegetables and is home to some of the province's best ironsmiths

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