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1989 Miss DWCT: Rollynda A. Gatal

After Ate Marcel, our eldest in the family, won two beauty titles in a row (She was 1982 Hiyas ng Silangan- Bohol and Miss Talent & Top Ten Finalist in the national contest the same year and as Tagbilaran City’s bet was the 1983 Miss Young Bohol where she was also Best in Evening Gown), another Gatal beauty made her mark in a beauty tilt this time, in a prestigious campus beauty search

My first cousin Rollynda Agcaoili Gatal, the fifth among six children of Reynald Torralba Gatal (Papa Rogie’s older brother) and Milagros Agcaoili- Gatal, was a graduating high school student when she was crowned the 1989 Miss DWCT. 

DWCT of course is the then Divine Word College- Tagbilaran City now HNU or Holy Name University

The prim and proper Adlay bested the ladies who represented the Engineering, Nursing, Arts & Sciences, Secretarial, Commerce & Education colleges. Hers was a remarkable triumph for she was the youngest candidate and had no pageant experience.

For the record, she is one of only four Miss High School girls in contemporary times to be crowned Miss DWCT. The others were Joji Almiranez 1977, Socorro D Marie “Talie” Inting 1995 and Rhea Echavez in 2004

Even without any pageant experience, the reluctant Adlay was a picture of confidence and allure. There was an unmistakable regal air that she exuded onstage especially when she came out in her Leonardo Igloria evening gown


During the interviews, her question was
” If you can save only one passenger from a sinking ship, who would it be?
An old man or a helpless baby? Why?
Her answer
“It’s not really a matter of choosing who to save. 
I  believe it's a matter of who is easier or more possible for me to save.  
After all, both of them have the right to live
She became an instant campus figure but her pageant victory never went to her head. She was still the same Adlay; reserved, well- grounded and very focused on her studies.

She was deluged with offers to join Miss Tagbilaran or Miss Bohol but she was firm yet polite when she declined the invitations.

Her reason? To focus on her studies


Rollynda who is affectionately called Adlay was named after our uncle Rolly Gatal Butalid and First Daughter Linda Garcia.

Both Tito Rolly and Linda were Uncle Rey’s and Auntie Mila’s confidantes and advisers when the lovebirds were still working in Malacanang Palace during Pres. CPG’s term 
February 1989: with Papa Rey, Ate Ricca & Racquel
She graduated from DWCT High School, March 1989 with honors and pursued a BS Nursing degree in Cebu Doctors College where she graduated on March 1993.

After taking and passing the licensure examinations for nurses, she applied and got in at Cebu City Medical Center.

A few months after, she flew to the United States for a nursing job in New Jersey 

NEWLYWEDS with Father of the Bride
June 28, 1998
On June 28, 1998 or five years after she left for the US, she flew back home to exchange “I Do’s” with her first and only boyfriend Kevin Barga of Iligan City whom she met while both were in college.

I flew back home from Zamboanga City where I was based to emcee their wedding reception
During the interviews, her question was 

Presently, Adlai and Kevin are based in New Jersey, United States and they are blessed with two sons; Nicholas and Brandon 
Cousins: Your blogger with Adlay Gatal- Barga & Dominic Butalid
Photo Credits: Roger Gatal, December 30, 2013

We met again last December for a different kind of family reunion. Although under sad circumstances, I am glad to find out that she has remained not only beautiful but also level- headed and humble 

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