Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Food Trip in Cebu Sinulog 2014

If there’s anything that Cebu City is noted for, it would be the array of gastronomic delights that would be right for the budget

During our first day in Cebu, we went to Rico’s Lechon for lunch

It’s an unpretentious no - frills place that serve lechon and other side dishes but it is so popular that people actually wait outside the restaurant until there is a vacancy. 

We waited for our turn to be seated with three other groups 

Just go straight to the head waiter so he can reserve a spot for you. 

Don’t worry for the food is worth wait and the customer service is great with the lechon skin served crispy hot  

I highly recommend their spicy lechon. 

Our guide revealed to us that the spicy lechon is stuffed with a kilo or something of sili. 

Don't forget to order their special Monggo Soup and Bicol Express

Photo Credits: Beauche International

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