Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Celevel & Lou: Helping Rebuild Bohol's Schools

"We" meant Celevel Ranoco- Butler, her son Breit, her mom the former Evelia Mozo Fostanes and another companion whose name escapes me at the moment

But the gloom that came with the overcast weather was quickly dispelled by the sunny disposition of the mother – daughter tandem of Celevel & Evelia.

I quickly warmed up to the effervescent Evelia who regaled us with her life as a young island girl! 

Our Mission:  
Mom & Daughter Tandem (File Photo)

  a three- room school building rises  

To check on the situation and status of the school rebuilding efforts in Panggangan Island after a devastating 7.2 earthquake knocked down and forced the temporary transfer of the grade school and the secondary school buildings in the island

We were met by the hardworking teachers of the island along with Fr. Lito Masula who briefed us on the prototype of the classrooms that would be built in lieu of the tent and bamboo structures that serve as temporary classrooms for the kids 
Serious- looking Breit with Grandma Evelia with school teachers 

The highlight of the visit?

Celevel Butler handing out to Fr. Lito Masula and the public school teachers the amount raised through the efforts of Singapore- based advertising executives Celevel Ranoco- Butler and Lou De La Pena who initiated some fundraisers in Singapore to help rebuild some of Bohol’s damaged schools

  Your Blogger, Celevel & Fr, Lito 

Celevel hands to Fr. Lito the check for the school rebuilding
Before we went back to Tagbilaran City, Fr. Lito and the school teachers invited us to partake of an island feast of crabs, fish and kinilaw

Wow, the perfect way to wrap up a wonderful day! Cheers!

P.S. Did I mention to you that Celevel is also a Miss Bohol Sandugo titleholder? She won her crown back in the 90’s  
Celevel & Lou: Helping rebuild Bohol's schools
If you share in Lou & Celevel & my vision for a brighter future for Bohol’s next generation through quality education learned in conducive surroundings, please visit our Facebook Page:    

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