Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Star Wars at 2014 Cebu Sinulog Parade

As expected, TV & movie personalities elicited the most cheers from the throngs that turned out for the 2014 Cebu Sinulog Parade

We caught a glimpse of the floats & stars from rival stations GMA 7 & ABS CBN.


I have to give props to GMA 7's Jennylyn Mercado, Yasmin Kurdi & Mark Herras for being game enough to dance up a storm on the streets while the parade was going on. 

Special mention to the bubbly & high- spirited Jennylyn Mercado who was having the time of her life as captured by our cameras


What the Starstruck first edition winners did captured the spirit of the Sinulog Festival. It was a prelude to the revelry and merrymaking all over the city and particularly in Mango Avenue

It was both a a security nightmare for the City PNP and a risky move considering that they could have been mobbed but nothing untoward happened. 

It was an excellent PR move! Kudos!

On the other hand, Kim Chiu of ABS CBN played it safe by staying atop her float and putting on her game face. 

And oh, by the way, I'm not in any way affiliated with any of the two rival TV stations. Just look at the pictures for they would definitely tell the story

Photo Credits: Beauche International

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