Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mamie Cuadra Sizzles @ Seventy


Marking seven decades of a life fully lived deserves a celebration. 

Your Blogger's Tita Mamie Vallestero Cuadra celebrated her 70th birthday with close family, friends, batchmates & co- teachers in attendance.   

Her LA, California- based son Dan Cuadra & HK- based businesswoman daughter Shirmie Cuadra- Biloy also flew home to attend the celebration.

Shirmie with son Pao & Kuya Dan flew home for the ocasion

A highlight during the affair was the song number rendered by Tita Mamie’s only brother Ambrosio Vallestero, sisters Alfonsa V. Galinato, Hermila V. Caballero, Indalisia V. Calo & Alfreda V. Magallano. 

Bohol Provincial Administrator Ae Damalerio took time off from his hectic sked to greet & sing for the celebrant 

 Bohol Prov'l Administrator Ae Damalerio sings for the celebrant

Making sure that everything was okay were IanSep Cuadra- Suaybaguio & hubby Nelson Suaybaguio. Diane V. Magallano did the venue artwork and Shirmie handed out personalized perfume & colognes to the guests as giveaways. Your Roving Eye emceed the affair.  

Your Blogger asks for a photo with beautiful cousin Shirmie

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