Monday, May 18, 2015

Glyssa Poses for Danao Eco Adventure Park

The girl’s abloom this summer.

One look at her and you would know she is no ordinary girl. The stance. The soft curls of her hair that looks like she just stepped out from the salon. The golden brown skin that has been sun-kissed in Australia.

Glyssa Bingas Perez recently flew into town for some tete-a-tete with kith & kin. Glyssa who? You might ask. Glyssa whose mom Yollie traces her roots in Danao, Bohol is the reigning Miss Philippines Australia 2014 and part of her prizes is a goodwill tour in the Philippines. She squeezed into her tight schedule a precious few days to visit Bohol.

Summer Stunner

Together with top Boholana photographer Ghen Lumayag, Glyssa’s bro Gabe & Your Blogger, Glyssa did a series of photo shoots for her beloved Danao.   

These are some of those photos

Photo Credits: Ghen Lumayag

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