Sunday, August 2, 2015

And I Thought It Was A Celebration of Beauty & Friendship

There is a certain ghoul who is lurking in the net and hiding under an assumed identity who lumps me up with paid hacks simply because I write positive words that empower and guide young beautiful hopefuls in their quest for a title or tiara. I was raised to see the good in other people. I always believe that words can either make or break a person's self- worth. Well, if you think that being an optimist who sees sunshine in the midst of darkness is a crime, then I am guilty but what does it say of you when you see nothing but evil and darkness?

One Heart. One Mind. One People

Do not tarnish the good image of your townmates for I have plenty of acquaintances & friends from your progressive coastal town for whom I have the highest regard and respect. Two decades ago, your town enjoyed its Golden Age in pageantry when your candidates won in succession and during those years when you dominated Bohol pageantry, you never heard any word of bitterness & rancor or cries of foul play & shenanigans from the other towns or from the city because of the words acceptance & respect

I for one am very proud of your outstanding beauties that always make a splash in local pageantry. Now that Tagbilaran finally wins after six long years of waiting, you unwittingly took away the joy from the victory not even allowing the newly- crowned queen to even savor her hard- earned victory.

Until here then and I am now extending my hands in peace but if I cannot convince you otherwise, let's blame it on somebody's myopic and bigoted mind 

One extra favor before we part ways. Be kind to the organizers behind the event. You have called them names and accuse them of things when you don’t even have any iota of proof to back up your claims. They worked really hard and didn’t get any single centavo for their efforts. Not that they expected something from an endeavor that is purely voluntary. It was their way of contributing to a festive celebration of a historical event that commemorates & celebrates beauty & friendship.  You just don’t have any idea how devastating this is for them. 

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