Monday, February 15, 2016

Katahum sa Buenavista 2016 Pageant Winners

 w/ Mayor Sample Tirol & Vice Mayor Dave Duallo
 & 2015 Katahum queen Nina Leopando
A stunning 15 year old half Spanish- half Filipina beauty was crowned Katahum sa Buenavista 2016 last Feb 10, the eve of Buenavista’s 56th Foundation Day anniversary after she bested a field of 35 ladies who represented all of Buenavista’s barangays.

More than just being a pretty mestiza, Kashel Estoce who represented Brgy. Sweetland in the annual pageant, was able to eloquently express her thoughts during the two rounds of interviews. and that boosted by an evident classy & refined demeanor, won for her the crown.

During the final round, the five finalists were asked the same question: 
"Give us one word that would best describe the municipality of Buenavista and why"
Miss Estose replied" the word is hospitable" The first time I came here, I was warmly welcomed and made me feel so special and that I believe is also the reason why people keep going back to Buenavista"

WHAT’S IN A NAME? What started as Miss Buenavista has evolved into what is now known as Katahum sa Buenavista which literally means the beauty of Buenavista. A few years back, the town officials & the arts and culture people made a move to change the pageant title into what is now known as Katahum to reflect not only local culture & tradition but also to include the beauty of diversity in Buenavista.

After all, when the Spanish friars first came to the town, they were so awed and impressed by its beauty that they named the municipality as Buenavista which literally means a good view. The name Buenavista is a combination of two Spanish words namely buena which means good and vista which is Spanish for view or place.

FABULOUS & FAST- PACED PAGEANT The three- hour long Katahum sa Buenavista Pageant  is the biggest municipal- based pageant among Bohol’s 47 towns and it is to the LGU’s credit that all 35 barangays sent a representative for the beauty search. The pageant opened with a dazzling production number where all 35 candidates showcased their dancing talent dressed in their colorful barangay festival costumes.    The girls then competed in their swimwear and evening gowns.  After their pre- pageant scores for onstage interviews & talent scores were added to their pageant night scores, the field was trimmed down to the Top Fifteen.

After the Q & A, the five semifinalists who got the highest combined scores in Q & A plus beauty & charm were declared as the finalists.

Each of the five finalists acquitted themselves well as each gave a unique answer to the final question. Their responses were as diverse as the natural beauty & charm of the place but in the end, Lady Luck smiled at Kashel Estoce who was destined to be crowned as the girl who personified the beauty of Buenavista. 

Her pretty & charming mestiza features plus her very spontaneous and unaffected ways helped her sweep all three preliminary rounds in barangay festival costume, swimsuit and evening gown. She was also named Miss Photogenic.
 Your Roving Eye hosted the pageant

She was crowned by Buenavista Mayor Ronald Lowell Tirol, the 2015 Katahum queen Nina Leopando and Buenavista Vice Mayor Dave Duallo
 BEAUTY OF BUENAVISTA: 4th RU, 2nd RU, Winner, 1st RU, 3rd RU
Named her runners up were Miss Bato- Dashiel Minguito 1st RU, Miss Poblacion- Charlene Marie T. Solana 2nd RU,   Miss Asinan- Nesafe M. Ludia, 3rd RU and Miss Cantuba Ma. Theresa T. Sanchez 4th RU
 Special Award Winners
More than the beauty of the ladies, the title “Katahum sa Buenavista” refers also the beauty & gentleness of Buenavista’s people and the magnificence and splendor of the place which I got to check out when I was invited by youthful Mayor Ronald Lowell “Sample” Tirol  to emcee the pageant. More on the town in the next few blog posts.

 Three of the standouts who didn't make the Final Five
Some of the girls who I thought stood out and deserved to be in the winners' circle were candidates # 2, # 13, # 14 & # 20
  L-R: Kag. Rena Erojo, VM Dave Duallo, Christine Ires Lopez, Mayor Tirol
and Kag. Christine Torregosa
Special thanks also to the Project Chairs educator Jeanylette C. Ayson, Ph.D. , Kag. Rena Sotto Erojo & Kag. Christine Torregosa. In particular to Kag. Erojo for making me feel at home instantly.

 Katahum 2016  & Kag. Rene Erojo
Pageant Director: Mr. Jaymark Sotto 

Photo Credits: Ric Obedencio

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