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What Happened During the Miss Global 2016 Swimsuit Competition

Miss Global 2016 concluded its swimsuit competition at the grand ballroom of a resort in Panglao, Bohol
 L-R: Philippines, Ecuador, Australia
Photo credits: Ric Obedencio
Angela Bonilla of Ecuador was selected Best in Swimsuit. Miss Philippines Camille Hirro came in second and Miss Australia Caitlynn Henry placed third.

The swimsuit competition opened with a production number featuring all the ladies in their cocktail dresses. The girls then individually strode on the catwalk and introduced themselves to the audience. Getting the loudest applause was the host delegate from the Philippines followed by the girls from Kenya, Sweden, Australia, USA and Namibia.

 Opening Number
Event host Andrew Wolff acknowledged the V.I.P.’s in the audience including Bohol Gov. Edgar Chatto and Panglao Mayor Nila Montero.  The 2012 Mister World 1st RU then introduced the ten- member panel of judges that included Bohol First Lady Pureza Chatto.

The girls who were all in identical two- piece swimsuits came out in alphabetical order and were divided in groups of eight and seven. 

From the first batch, the standouts were Australia, Bulgaria & Chile. 

From group two, China, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic & Ecuador were the standouts. 

From group three, Holland, Kenya and Madagascar were the standouts. 

Group four standouts were Norway, Philippines and Russia. 

The girls from Sweden and Thailand were the standouts from group five.

Most applauded during the swimsuit segment were the girls from Kenya, Philippines, Madagascar, Namibia, Sweden and USA.

The ladies from the Philippines, Czech Republic, Chile, Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Thailand had the best catwalk & overall presentation. In contrast, there were two girls who were so over- the- top much to the amusement of the crowd.

The scenestealers were Namibia and Madagascar and the girl from Tunisia was the most beautiful facially.

The judges gave scores ranging from 1 to 10 points based on beauty of face & figure, well- proportioned figure and overall impression.

Based on the criteria for the swimsuit competition, I predicted that the top three winners would be from the Philippines, Australia, Ecuador, Czech Republic & Russia.  Aside from their buffed and proportionate figures, they also happened to have globally- appealing facial beauty.  Not far behind were Russia, Thailand and Dominican Republic.

The prettiest faces

 BEST CATWALK: Dominican Republic & Czech Republic
Just before the announcement of results, Andrew Wolff went to the audience and asked some of the guests for their favorites. Aside from the Philippines, Sweden and Tunisia were also mentioned as crowd favorites. 

with Miss Bohol 2016 Glyssa Perez

 Glyssa Perez with her Kuya Gabe
Reigning Miss Bohol 2016 Glyssa Perez was asked for her choices and she politely declined for the girls were already gathered onstage. That was a shining moment for the Boholana queen. She explained to me later after the event that she was sensitive to how the girls would feel especially for those who wouldn’t be mentioned.

Proclaimed as Best in Swimsuit was Ecuador’s Angela Bonilla. In second and third places were Camille Hirro of the Philippines and Australia’s Caitlynn Henry.

After the obligatory poses, handshakes, beso beso and the hellos. It was time to go.

But before we made our exit, a thought came to my mind. After seeing all the 38 ladies from all corners of the globe gather onstage, I realized that indeed there is beauty in diversity. That beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colors.   

Highlights of the swimsuit competition and the girls' visit to Bohol will be shown during the Miss Global 2016 Grand Coronation Night

Photo Credits: Ric Obedencio

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