Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Miss Iran & Miss Israel in Miss Global 2016

It might sound like a worn- out cliché but it’s true that pageant girls do aspire for world peace. Take the case of the ongoing Miss Global 2016 Pageant.

Last September 17 & 18, a bevy of beauties from all corners of the globe converged in Bohol not only to visit its natural wonders and to sample the renowned warmth and hospitality of Boholanos but also to compete in the swimsuit preliminaries.

 Showdown of Swimsuit Statistics
photo credits: Ric Obedencio

Your Roving Eye and Mr. Ric Obedencio, veteran newsman were given access to cover the girls’ swimsuit photo and video shoot at the spectacular Alona Beach in Panglao, Bohol. We had the chance to get to know some of the girls including Miss Norway whose mom is from the neighboring island of Cebu. 

The girls from Tunisia, Sri Lanka & Sweden who were in the pool of the host resort obliged us with a photo. Madagascar was such a pleasant & pretty lady who shared to us that she already posted about Bohol on her social media accounts.
  Miss Iran projects in front of Alona Tropical Beach Resort

 Melika Razavi poses with a tourist 
It was the talked- about photo shoot of Danielle Celine Bouskila, 25, of Israel and Melika Razavi, 27, of Iran that proved to be the scenestealer. It was a sight to behold as the two Middle Eastern beauties gamely posed in their two- piece swimsuits. 
 Danielle shows off her nonchalance

 Danielle gets ready for her glamshot
Although we were not able to photograph them together as the crew had to work on a tight schedule, it was enough that the countries were able to declare a truce even if it was on the beauty pageant stage.  

Now who said beauty pageants can’t be arenas for diplomacy, friendship and world peace?

Good luck and may the best lady win!

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