Saturday, September 10, 2016

Rose Rara Sarabosing Marks Her 60th

 Ma’am Rose embraces  new phase in her life
It was an extraordinary celebration befitting a queen. 

Considered by many as a queen when it comes to the king's language, Rosalina Rara Sarabosing, one of Your Roving Eye’s favorite and closest mentors during his college and post- graduate studies marked her diamond birthday bash at the fabulous Alona Tropical Beach Resort’s Baybayon Restaurant that offers a spectacular view of the stretches of white sands of Alona Beach in Panglao.


Your Roving Eye and throngs of other graduates like Judge Jennifer Chavez Marcos, quondam beauty queen Fiel Angeli Araoarao-Gabin, Mary Ruth Dancel- Gango, educator Ramon Boloron & songstress/ actress Lailette Geulen who have been enrolled in her classes remember being enamored with how she uses words to weave a tapestry of magic to prove a point.

                   HNU FACULTY REUNION: Ramon Boloron, Bebot Salgados, Babes,
Ester Sajulan & Your Roving Eye

dashing Fiscal Albert Rara 
is flanked by two Rara ladies

 Lovette Geulen- Laolao & mom Luz Geulen

For many of her former students, Ma'am Babes is more than a teacher. She is like a mother hen to many of us and Your Roving Eye can attest how she helped when he was just starting out as an emcee in many campus events. She also mentored and encouraged many of us when it came to the nuances of writing.
 With Fr. Rara
 Rara Clan in full force
 L-R: Isah, Lisha, Maam Rose, Kino & Ton

Four of her five children Kino & spouse Shawee, Lisha & hubby Angelo Yuguing, Ton and Isah Mariah came home to celebrate the occasion with friends and family. US- based Kira Sarabosing- Poquita greeted her mom via a video recorded message. JAM 403 Acoustic provided the musical entertainment that alternated between soothing bossa nova & party music.

 With Krizia Gango, Aya Montero& Deo Guden

As Maam Babes or Rose, if you will, acquire her second citizenship with a birthday cake from the city and free tickets to movies, her adoring students & loved ones wish her nothing but good health and may she embrace the new phase in her life with the beauty and magic of lessons learned and imparted. 

Happy birthday again Maam Babes!

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