Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Best of BISU in Bluewater Panglao Resort

Twelve young wholesome & smart male & female college students who embody the ideals of Bohol Island State University pitted looks, talent, personality & wit in the 2016 Mister& Miss BISU Search for the right to represent the province of Bohol in the regional and national finals of State Colleges & Universities Athletic Association of the Philippines and showcase to the rest of the country the best of Bohol’s undeniable beauty & charm.  
  The Summer of their Lives

Weeks before the glittering competition proper held in BISU- Bilar Campus, BLUEWATER PANGLAO RESORT played host to the candidates, their coaches and the pageant organizers for the pageant’s swimwear & resort wear publicity shoot.

Check out the vitality & youthfulness of our campus heartthrobs and be captivated by the beauty & splendor of Bluewater Panglao Resort  as captured through the lenses of TJ Medrana.

Miss BISU Bilar

Mister BISU Clarin

Miss BISU Balilihan

Mister BISU Tagbilaran Main

Miss BISU Calape

Mister BISU Calape

Miss BISU Tagbilaran Main

Mister BISU Balilihan

Miss BISU Candijay

Mister BISU Candijay

Creative Direction           :Raul Phillip Gatal
Swimsuit Designer         : Marikit Swimwear
Organizing Team             :  BISU- Bilar Campus
Location                              : Bluewater Panglao Resort
Photo Credits                    :TJ Medrana Photography 2016

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