Friday, March 10, 2017

Quir Nicole Maghuyop @ 18

Quir Nicole Maghuyop, one of the “IT” girls of Bohol’s young generation recently marked her 18th birthday with a stylish and grand celebration held at the Grand Ballroom of MetroCentre Hotel. Quir Nicole who is a BS Psychology sophomore at the San Pedro College in Davao City made sure everyone had a great time during her special day.
 Lovely crimson red debutante gown by Ladoy Aquino
Supportive sisters offer Quir a slice of the cake 
Quir Nicole Maghuyop is best remembered for winning the Miss Silka Bohol 2013 crown and representing Bohol in the nationwide search for Miss Silka Philippines 2013 where she emerged as one of the Top Ten finalists from among more than 30 dazzling beauties.

 Special Dance with Papa
Parents Abigail Maghuyop & Gumer Maghuyop, Sr

 18 Pairs 
18 ROSES L-R Christian Dave Cuadra, Gumer Maghuyop, Jr., Jet Jose Ugdoracion, Jr., Vincent Paul Piquero, Adriane Joseph Adaptar, Collin Chio Joshua Jubac, Reino Gio Jubac, Ronal Joseph Reyes, Jr., Dan Allen Alminaza, Youhi Ootani, Kier Maghuyop, Jeremy Van Saniel, Gumer Tristan Maghuyop, Mark Andrew Oppus, Voltaire Alvin Tutor

18 CANDLES L-R Marie Angela Salgados, Kim Alieca Loseñada, Zerrah Lynn Arcayena, Gustine Kryssa Virtudazo, Nessa Marie Hornido, Julianne Triz Jubac, Isabelle Paderes, Danielle Naron, Mary Leonore Maghuyop, Glyssa Perez, Jaydawn Faye Evasco, Christine Loisse Albos, Kimberly Gango, Angela Claire Batilong, Kimverly Jeanne Siruno, Karl Louisse Tentativa, Ricca Niña Dalagan
   close girl friends from high school
 DAVAO FRIENDS L-R Sean Tan, Nikka Beatriz, Leduna, Rochdale Jayme,
Michaela Denise Suzara, Angela Claire Batilong, Gumer Tristan Maghuyop,
Kimverly Jeanne Siruno, Alison Camille, Lyotta Hoshino

  MAIN SQUAD - OHANA 9/10 L-R Adriane Joseph Adaptar, Kim Alieca Loseñada, 
Christine Loisse Albos, Jaydawn Faye Evasco, Karl Louisse Tentativa, 
Youhi Ootani, Ricca Niña Dalagan, Vincent Paul Piquero
 Maghuyop Clan Members

 HMUA Jonathan Ocat & Ramchie Dolauta// with gown designer Ladoy Aquino

 Among the 18 Treasures
  with popular KISS 102.3 FM disc jockey Inday Rufing 
 FRISBEE TEAM - Mohawks (representatives) Collin Chio Jubac, Bencel Borja,
Beryl Elizabeth, Joseph Rio Caingles, Reino Gio Jubac
Close friends from Bohol
 Boholano Kim Mainit of The Voice fame joins Krizia Gango & JV Rama of JAM 403
 With Kuya Gabe Amor & three of her Miss Bohol 2016 sisters

 MAIN SQUAD - OHANA 9/10 L-R Adriane Joseph Adaptar, Kim Alieca Loseñada,
Christine Loisse Albos, Jaydawn Faye Evasco, Karl Louisse Tentativa,
Youhi Ootani, Ricca Niña Dalagan, Vincent Paul Piquero
 Nicole makes faces with Mark Oppus & Kim Gangoo

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