Friday, March 24, 2017

HNU Homecoming 2017: Heartwarming, Heartbreaking

It was an alumni homecoming like no other. Grade school, high school and college alumni of dear old Holy Name came to attend and participate in the whole- day trip down memory lane. Tradition dictates that the annual grand reunion is scheduled on the last day of the school’s university days celebration.
 Poignant scenes during the alumni homecoming
It was indeed heartwarming to see old and new faces, the familiar and the not so familiar greet one another. A gentle kiss there, a brisk handshake here and the tight and warm embraces everywhere were familiar scenes that kept replaying all day long. A citywide motorcade and holy mass kicked off the celebration.
 Main Celebrant: Rev. Fr. Joseph Butlig, SCJ of HS Batch 1997

 A STUDY ON CONTRASTS:  Fr. Estepa enjoys taking photos while
retired HS Principal Ma’am Baby Cardino is all 
seriousness during registration
 HATAW NA: Thirdy and Rose gamely lead the dance for all

 Volleyball- Women MVP Arlene Kaye Gomez Batch 97, Rosemary Uy & Evelyn Butalid  Batch 1981
Your Roving Eye who was invited to emcee the gathering couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by the hard work and sacrifices that alumni president Engr. Tibbs Bullecer and the rest of the go- getters who composed the Alumni Association of HNU- Bohol, Inc. (AAHNU- BI) did to ensure the successful and fun conduct of the reunion. 
 HNU ALUMNI QUEEN 2017 Leonita C. Bermudez w 
Engr. Tibbs Bullecer & Fr. Pres. Kito Estepa

Providing the glamorous highlight to the affair was the search for the 2017 HNU Grand Alumni Homecoming Queen title. Edging out four other beauties for the title was the charming and elegant Ma. Leonita Calceta- Bermudez of Batch 1981 and was crowned by HNU President Fr. Francisco T. Estepa, SVD and Alumni President Engr. Tibbs Bullecer.
 Your Roving Eye emcess the HNU affair and Ma’am Linda Paredes
rallies the alumni during the Mia Green tribute
 Alumni officers lead the tribute: L-R: Engr. Tibbs Bullecer, Marietta Corales,
Atty. Aileen Paulo, Atty. Raul Barbarona, Eric Gatal & Atty. Rene Paredes
Casting a pall of gray to the otherwise bright and sunny celebration was the shocking news about Atty. Mia Mascarinas- Green who would always be regarded as one of the most outstanding graduates of HNU. For us members of HS Batch 1984, her untimely demise was doubly sad for she belonged to our batch. Not a few tears were shed when our batch took centerstage during the tribute given to Mia.

As the celebration drew to a close, the whole Arnold Janssen Gymnasium reverberated with the singing of the Holy Name March just as dusk began to envelop the place. We all went our separate ways but thoughts about the reunion kept playing in my mind.

City Administrator & HS Batch 1979 Pres. Edi Borja
gamely poses with batchmates 
 HNU Band plays the rousing Opening Hymn

 HNU Chorale leads the mass hymn singing
 Beautiful & charming smiles from HS Batch 1979 led by Marjo Culajara & Hariett Sepe

Yes, the music may be long gone, the lights may have dimmed and the applause and laughter may have faded away but the beautiful memories, the bittersweet reminiscences and the surprising feel- good moments with friends and acquaintances and even strangers would always linger. Indeed, the homecoming was just like coming home.

  HS Batch 1984
 HS Batch 1984 smiles after winning Men’s- Volleyball 2nd RU
 Batch 1984 Maximiel Teofilo B. Tallo is all smiles after winning the raffle grand prize

And yes, I’m definitely attending next year’s homecoming! See you around!

Thanks to Joe Nazareno HNU Alumni Office Coordinator for the photos

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