Monday, August 21, 2017

Florabel Sakaki is Miss Dauis 2017

Florabel Sakaki, a 17 year old half- Japanese beauty was crowned Miss Dauis 2017 after she outshone 11 other beauties in a glittering two- hour show held at the Dauis Sports Arena last weekend. Aside from the top tiara, Bingag’s lovely bet also swept the swimsuit, evening gown & interview segments. 
 Dauis Mayor Marietta Sumaylo &  Board Member Benjie Arcamo with
Ms Dauis 2017 Florabel Sakaki & Ms Dauis 2016 Hannah Mae Cimeni
This year, the pageant committee revised the scoring system. Instead of the usual "back- to- zero" where the finalists start with a clean slate, the finalists' preliminary scores were added to their final round scores and this helped Ms Sakaki clinch the crown  even though she faltered quite a bit in the final Q & A. 
 Ms Bingag, Ms Songculan & Ms Biking await the final announcement
After topping all three areas of judging, Ms. Sakaki already had a commanding lead going into the final round.  Your Roving Eye believes that Miss Dauis will be one of the frontrunners for Miss Bohol 2018. She has the height, the grace & elegance of a queen.  
 Dauis Mayor Marietta Sumaylo & hotelier/ pageant guru Deo Guden
 Miss Bohol 2017 & Gentleman of the Philippines 2016 RU

 Your Roving Eye with G- Hernandez Mayor Tita Gallentes 
Pageant fans & analysts agreed that her styling was on point and you cannot ignore her stage presence. Will the stars align for another Dauis victory in Miss Bohol?  

 1st RU Miss Poblacion 2nd RU Miss Totolan

RUNNERS UP & FINALISTS Named 1st RU was Miss Poblacion Leah Kyra Cirunay who also emerged as Miss Talent & SMART Texter’s Choice. Miss Totolan Charlene Barrete was named 2nd RU and selected as Aldea Image Model winner.  Rounding out the Top Five were Miss Biking Estiffany Barasbaras and Miss Songculan Mary Krislien Escabarte. 

Hosting the pageant was Queenie Melody Fullante, Miss Bohol 2014 and a genuine pride of Dauis

 L-R: Ms. Amelincx, Mr. Calimbayan, EJ Relampagos, Ms. Tabaniag & Hon. Arcamo
BOARD OF JUDGES Board of Judges members are (L-R) Miss Bohol 2017 Pauline Amelincx, Rex Peter Calimbayan,top designer EJ Relampagos, Miss Philippines Earth 2017 Runner Up Catherine Cadayona Tabaniag and Chairman of the Board Hon. Vincenzo "Benjie" Arcamo Miss Bingag Florabel Sakaki reacts after she was named Miss Dauis 2017. 

 PAGEANT EMCEE: Queenie Fullante
The Miss Dauis Pageant was the glamorous highlight of the municipality's town fiesta.

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