Thursday, August 10, 2017

Pauline Amelincx Goes for a Healthy & Fit Lifestyle

A year- long reign as Miss Bohol is not only about the glitter, the glamour & the endless social appearances. It is also a seemingly endless series of back- breaking and strenuous activities that needs stamina.
 Active Fitness Center-Tubigon welcomes Pauline

With her advocacy focused on sustainable tourism development, environmental conservation and anti- bullying which means a regular round of appearances as speaker and image behind those advocacy projects, Pauline needs to take charge of her health and fitness.

 with Coach Bernie Asis
To be in tiptop shape and to be able to show grace under pressure and handle stress with poise, our beautiful Miss Bohol 2017 is currently enrolled on a monitored fitness coaching at Active Fitness Center-Tubigon, the most complete and modern fitness facility in northern Bohol.

So the next time you happen to be working out at Active Sports Center in Tubigon and you are beside a pretty somebody who looks like Pauline, don't worry, it's her and don't hesitate to say hello for she is one friendly and approachable beauty queen.

 Pauline tests her mettle with the workout equipment


May you have a memorable and very meaningful reign Queen Pauline!

Thanks to Raymond Vincent Batausa Delgado for the updates & photos 

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