Thursday, August 10, 2017

Miss Panglao Through the Years

The annual search for Miss Panglao is renowned as one of Bohol’s most prestigious beauty competitions. The glamorous event aims not only to select the municipality’s ambassadress of the youth and the spokesperson of the town’s tourism industry but also to encourage the different participating barangays and Panglao- based schools & organizations to have a platform for their sustainable projects which are spotlighted during the pageant.

  Who will be Miss Panglao 2017?

The Miss Panglao Pageant has become the most anticipated highlight of Panglao’s annual town fiesta celebration which selects Panglao’s new spokesperson of the various projects of the youth of Panglao. 
 2010 Miss Panglao Winners

   2011  Miss Panglao Winners

 2012 Miss Panglao Winners

 2013 Miss Panglao Winners

  2014 Miss Panglao Winners
 2015 Miss Panglao Winners

Among the more famous alumnae from the six- year old advocacy- oriented pageant are Amanda Arles who is the reigning  2014 Miss SCUBA Philippines , Candy Cumayas who was one of the six Central Visayas bets in the 2014 Mutya ng Pilipinas Pageant and Mary Rose Butalid who emerged 1st RU in the  2014 Miss Bohol Pageant. Miss Panglao 2014 produced a Miss Silka Bohol 2016 winner in the person of Cecille Mae Grupp. 

   Catherine during the 2017 Miss Philippines Earth finals night
The most famous is Catherine Cadayona Tabaniag Miss Panglao 2013 who emerged as Miss Philippines Earth 2017 Top Ten finalist and Runner Up. Her sterling performance during the two- month national pageant makes her one of the most talked about Boholana beauty queens.  


Initiated by SK Panglao in the year 2010 under the strong leadership of former SK Federated President of Panglao, Ms. Aya Montero, the 7th Edition of Miss Panglao Pageant, dubbed as Miss Panglao 2017 – The Panglao Glitz & Glam Edition is presented by Local Government Unit of Panglao headed by Hon. Nila Montero (Mayor) & Sangguniang Bayan headed by Hon. Pedro Fuertes (Vice-Mayor) in cooperation with MyMadamme Productions of the Montero Family and Alona Tropical Beach Resort


With the creative genius of Deo Guden at its helm, Miss Panglao 2017 promises to be yet another spectacular showcase of beauty, colors & excitement with the special appearance of  a celebrity guest performer and the presence of national beauty queens  as members of the board of judges.


Resort Wear Competition & Pre- Judging
Sunday, August 20, 2015 , Panglao Cultural Center, 8pm

Miss Panglao 2017 – The Panglao Glitz & Glam Edition: The Grand Coronation
Monday, August 25, 2017 Panglao Town Plaza, 8pm

PRODUCER : The Local Government Unit of Panglao headed by Mayor Nila Montero, Sangguniang Bayan headed by Vice-Mayor Pedro Fuertes and MyMadamme Productions

PRESENTER: Alona Tropical Beach Resort

FOUNDER & OVERALL PAGEANT CHAIR : Municipal Councilor Hon. Aya Montero 

VICE- CHAIR & PROJECT DIRECTOR: Mr. Deo Guden of Alona Tropical Beach Resort
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: Mr. Kris Vincent Acero

EXECOM: Mr. Michael Jenniver Estoquia Mrs. Paciencia Aranaydo Mrs. Michelle Guibone Ms. Diane Cumayas Ms. Mary Rose Butalid Ms. Catherine Cadayona Tabaniag Ms. RhiaTheresa Sumaylo Ms. Geah Marie Dollisen Mr. Leonides Senica Mr. Ehl Aey Sarahina-Hora Denoso Mr. King Kris Guibone Mr. Rico Guigue Ms. Maricel Madrona Mr. Mark Dame Guiritan

PRODUCTION: Justine Milay Jhonna Marie Fuellas
(Team Managers) Mr. James Aragon Mr. Lois Trillano Mr. Kenneth Capricho Mr. Christian Jay Lood Mr. Froctuso Dumaluan

Support Group: Mr. Marvin Jay Bantigue Mr. Jun Jamito Mr. Jetro Cabardo Mr. Joanne Dolleson Mr. Rexor Monzolin

Office of the Mayor &  MyMadamme Productions 

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