Sunday, August 13, 2017

Miss Panglao 2017 Glamshots

Miss Panglao, one of Bohol’s most keenly anticipated beauty & personality competitions makes a splashy comeback this year with the release of the pageant candidates’ official glamshots.

After a year of hibernation, the Miss Panglao Pageant comes back with some format changes and innovations to ensure a series of exciting and interactive pageant- related activities leading to the grand coronation night on Friday, August 25, 8 pm, Panglao Town Plaza. 

In congruence with national and international pageant standards, the pageant will also incorporate a “No Make Up” round during the pre- judging. In lieu of the talent competition which has been scrapped for practical reasons, there will be a Pre- Pageant Night where the girls will compete in the casual wear and resort wear competitions plus the onstage personality interviews which accounts for 25% of the total preliminary scores that would determine the final five.

Hon. Amira Montero, Miss Panglao founder and chair of the SB’s committee on tourism, arts & culture, promises a grand and elegant coronation night that will highlight the beauty of Panglao. Aside from the 14 candidates who will all be highlighted during the pageant finals, Miss Panglao 2017 will be graced a famous TV/movie personalities and among the judges would be national beauty titleholders. Creative genius Deo Guden who is behind the pageant’s creative and production aspects promises a fast- paced show that is hip and modern.

And in keeping with the pageant’s “Paradise Glitz & Glam” theme, here are the official glamour shots of the girls.


Candidate # 1
 Candidate # 2
 Candidate #  3

Candidate # 4 
 Candidate # 5
 Candidate # 6
 Candidate # 7
 Candidate # 8
 Candidate # 9
 Candidate # 10
 Candidate #  11

 Candidate #  12
 Candidate # 13
 Candidate #  14
Based on styling and presence, who are the standouts among the candidates for Miss Panglao 2017?


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Tallies of candidates' photo shares will run from August 5, 2015 5 PM until August 25, 2015 5 PM, you have 21 days away to the BEAUTY OF THE ISLAND - DARLING OF SOCIAL MEDIA Award!

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PRODUCER : The Local Government Unit of Panglao headed by Mayor Nila Montero, Sangguniang Bayan headed by Vice-Mayor Pedro Fuertes and MyMadamme Productions

PRESENTER: Alona Tropical Beach Resort

FOUNDER & OVERALL PAGEANT CHAIR : Municipal Councilor Hon. Aya Montero 

VICE- CHAIR & PROJECT DIRECTOR: Mr. Deo Guden of Alona Tropical Beach Resort
ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: Mr. Kris Vincent Acero

Office of the Mayor &  MyMadamme Productions

PHOTOGRAPHY:- Tj Medrana TJ Medrana Photography
VIDEO: Rhapcon (Chester Impang & Team)
WARDROBE: Kim Villamor
OFFICIAL SWIMWEAR (Outdoor Photoshoot & Coronation Night): Ms. Mikee Andrei
ACCESSORIES:- Miss Panglao Pageant Organization; MyMadamme Productions
LOCATION: Alona Tropical Beach Resort, Panglao
MAKE UP:- Jonathan Ocat & Blackpearl Gallentes Rodriguez
HAIR: Nayr Shufa P. Sines & Ramchie Dolauta

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