Friday, October 18, 2013

Food & Water Crisis After Quake Struck Bohol

I am angry and and I am in tears from sheer frustration.

My FB Wall has been swamped with scores of messages and pleas for assistance. 

I can only do so much. 

A sense of helplessness has been pervading in the air.

Thousands of Boholanos have not been reached by rescue teams, and relief goods have not been delivered to their barangays. 

Many of the affected families have not received any relief goods since the 7.2 earthquake struck last October 15.

Many of our towns have been cut off and isolated because scores of roads and bridges have been rendered impassable.

Thousands are hungry and thirsty. After the earthquake, water supply in hundreds of barangays has stopped.

Horror stories of many Boholanos still buried alive in their houses and how their dead bodies have not been recovered have started to come out.

Please HELP!  

news sources: FB 

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