Wednesday, October 16, 2013

We Were There When Dauis Church Collapsed

October 15, 2013. It was a beautiful day and we were looking forward to our itinerary that day. You see, it was to be the pre- nuptial photo session for soon- to- be- wed Borgy and Glenda

We arrived at the breathtakingly beautiful Our Lady of Assumption Church in Dauis, Bohol. The Assumption is a favorite among couples and photographers not only for its beautiful architecture but also for its historical significance.

 a sight to behold

It is a fine representative of a Byzantine-Romanesque architecture. The facade of Dauis Church is Gothic in style with Neoclassical ornamentation.

It was founded by the Jesuits Father Diego de Ayala and Joseph Gregorio. 

The photo and video crew of ace photographer Dennis Saco of CIO Photography were busy setting up their equipment. Hair & make up maven Kim Villamor & assistant Girlie were sorting out the gowns and accessories plus their hair & make up set

At around 8 am, I was giving Glenda the bride some pep talk on posing for the camera right at the Café Lawis beside the church when it happened.

The quake struck without warning! We practically froze when everything around us shook violently. Looking around us was like viewing some shaky amateur clips from a handheld video camera. The grassy area where we stood was undulating and heaving!

The huge acacia trees were swaying like crazy and you can hear the cracking branches and then the glass windows shattered.

It took around ten full seconds before we realized that an earthquake had struck Dauis!

Then our attention shifted to the Assumption Church were a necrological mass was going on. All hell broke loose. There was pandemonium everywhere!

We saw everyone trying to flee from the church. Then, to our horror, the back portion of the church caved in. Everyone was screaming

The façade of the church also imploded burying underneath the tons of rubble the funeral hearse that was supposed to carry the casket. It was so sudden that there was no more time for the hearse driver to drive the vehicle to safety.

After checking on my crew and after making sure everyone with us was okay, I just plopped down on the grassy knoll. Just when I wanted to just heave a sigh of relief, the journalist in me instinctively kicked in. 

Even with the chaos and confusion, Dennis Saco & I were still able to make it to the facade of the church which now lay in rubble. With the collapsed church as backdrop, I was able to make a video report so that people would know what just happened.

Photo Credits: Dennis Saco of CIO Photography


It was a surreal experience. I just felt my chest tighten upon realizing that one of our beloved centuries- old churches that had survived fires, wars and other forces of nature finally gave in to an earthquake that registered at the Richter scale at 7.2


Dauis Church After Quake Strikes Bohol
Photo & Video Credits:
Dennis Saco of CIO Photography 
We cannot question why this had to happen. Right now, everyone is still reeling from the effects of the quake. Every now and then, the ground underneath shakes and heaves.  But Life goes on and the resilience of the Boholanos willhelp us through.
I just hope that people from everywhere will be sending some donations to those who have been hit the hardest
Photo & Video Credits: Dennis Saco

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