Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Good & The Bad After a 7.2 Quake Struck Bohol


Tagbilaran City, the capital city of Bohol, is getting back on its feet. Things are starting to get back to normal.

Most of the towns are okay save for a few scratches and bruises

The tourism jewel of the province, Panglao Island where the pristine white sandy beaches and beach resorts are located have been spared from the destructive force of the earthquake

The overwhelming number of people who have responded to the call for help especially the student volunteers


Photo Credits: Ghen Lumayag
Photo Credits: Janus Lim
Photo Credits: Ghen Lumayag
BUT we do have certain parts particularly the northwestern towns that are still reeling because they have been hit the hardest. 

These towns need bottled water, food and right now medicines also. 

From relief to rehabilation. 

Children & the elderly in particular have been exposed to the elements particularly to the rains and mosquitoes. 

We need help for them ASAP. 

This is a Race Against Time

Let's direct our relief efforts to these towns so we can rebuild Bohol in a Bigger, Better and Bolder Way! c/o Dennis Saco 

On the other hand, it is disheartening and disgusting to know of the isolated cases of people who have taken advantage of the situation at the expense of the victims. 

There has been so much political wrangling especially with the system of distribution 

 Photo Credits: Anna Maris Igpit

During the coordination meeting for all private entities that have been involved with the relief efforts, I was seated with Anna Maris Igpit, the hardworking former Miss Bohol Sandugo and Bb Pilipinas- World who has been tirelessly doing her share of the work. 

FILE PHOTO: Anna Igpit flanked by Myla Rae Bueno and Blogger Raul Gatal

At one point during the meeting, we were told to stick Post It notes on a map of Bohol to give everyone an idea and overview where the relief efforts are concentrated

The yellow Post It Notes indicate the areas that have been reached by Relief Goods Distribution .  

As you can see, it's the other side that has been hit the hardest but the rest of the province is A- okay

Photo Credits: Anna Maris Igpit

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