Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ara Arida's Controversial TV Interview


Here are some of the official photos of Ara Arida, our Miss Universe candidate who is aiming to duplicate the Miss World victory of Megan Young. 

If that happens, we will be joining France 1953, Australia 1972, Venezuela 1981 and India 1994 and 2000 in the exclusive club of countries that won both the Miss Universe and Miss World crowns the same year

This is her official Fadil Berisha Glamour Photo that is an interpretation of this year's "Ice Princess" theme.

This photo is being talked about as one of the best glamour shots for the 2013 Miss Universe Pageant


Prior to her arrival in Moscow, Russia where she is currently one of the favorite girls of the Muscovites, Ara got herself enmeshed in a controversy involving Latina beauties in general.

During a TV appearance in ANC, news anchor Karen Davila asked her address the concern of pageant fans that she seemed to have a problem expressing herself in English

Ara Arida with ANC Anchor Karen Davila
In a very humble and sincere manner, she admitted that speaking English is not really her strongest point. 

She then cited the Latinas as doing very well in pageants inspite the fact that they couldn't construct a simple sentence in English. 

Arida then replied that she's aware of the said comment and she had training, especially with her communication skills, to "express myself, to convey my message to the people."

The beauty queen added that Filipinos are more critical when it comes to the English language.

"Latinas cannot even speak a sentence, right? I mean, a complete sentence in English. I think it's the Filipinos who are very critical about this," she said.

I think what she was trying was that one doesn't have to be fluent in English to be able to answer the final question


The said comment of Arida caught the attention of pageant websites around the world. Radio personality Mo Twister joined the fray and expressed his disgust on what Miss Philippines said

My take on the matter? 

If one is to take Ara's statement literally, then yes, she is guilty as sin but for someone who has admitted that she's not really that fluent in English, then let's give her a break. 

It was simply a matter of miscommunication and not saying it in a more tactful manner.

And if it is any consolation for Ara, the fact that she is already embroiled in a controversy would only mean that she is considered a frontrunner and therefore a threat for the crown

For the meantime, my advice for her is to enjoy the whole experience and bring home a lifetime of wonderful memories

Good luck Ara

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