Friday, February 7, 2014

Bohol's Society Scene Circa 1950's

During the 1950's, considered the golden days when the Philippines was still under the shadow of anything American, parties and balls were formal events where guests and attendees are expected to be dressed up for the occasion.

Talk about Western influence when it came to fashion & style.

Gentlemen had to be in coat and tie and ladies had to be either in cocktail or party dresses or voluminous ball gowns. 

Underneath was the de riguer petticoats for the ladies.

The very formal way of dressing up was practiced up to the early 70's before the casual chic and the laidback bohemian or hippie dress philosophy took over.

 Bohol Jaycees gentlemen Rolly Butalid, Tomas Toledo & Rey Gatal
Baguio City 1959 

 Even a simple merienda or eating at the restaurant means dressing up for the ladies

 Presidential daughter Linda Garcia & Reynald Gatal 
show some dance moves while the country's First Couple looks on
Dancing then meant knowing the steps of cha cha cha, rhumba, tango and the like

A classy way to dance


On the other hand, there was virtually no nightlife to speak of when talking of Tagbilaran, then the sleepy capital town of Bohol

Young men usually organized serenades or harana with groups of friends to back up with guitars when trying to woo the objects of their affection

Looking at these photographs, you just sigh and wonder where good taste and civility have gone nowadays

It was considered a crime when you barge into a party and ignore the dress code. 

Jeans were originally meant to be worn as working attire 

Today, it's mostly dressed down or what we term as smart casual when going to most parties and other social events. 
Photo Credits: Reynald Gatal Collection

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