Friday, February 14, 2014

My 2014 Valentine's Day Special

Neiman Flint Simbajon Gatal

It would be a travesty and a criminal offense if I would let the day pass without posting something that would celebrate the essence of Love

But instead of blogging on romantic love which has been done over and over again, let me put the focus on another kind of love, the love from a mother to her child and in this blog feature’s case, a son’s love for his mother

My nephew Neiman Flint Simbajon Gatal, the eldest of my cousin Rocky & Emilee’s three kids, actually wrote this poignant letter five years ago for his mother who passed away at the age of 34.

He was just 11 years old, his younger brother Neilton Paolo was 9 years old and Hattie was 6 years old when they lost their mom on October 9, 1998. Neiman Flint is a member of the Emergency Medical Responder  Team of the Telephone and Radio System Integrated Emergency Response (Tarsier 117)

          September 17, 2009 at 6:31pm 
All of us are brought into to this world by one very special lady. She is our comforter, our inspiration, our smile, our happiness and she happens to be our mom. . . 
" I know you love mama so much, kids, please do not stop praying because I’ ll always be there for you...always"
These  were the last words my mom told me and my brother & sister as we gathered around her before she breathed her last.
The Late Emilee Simbajon- Gatal
Sometimes in life, we tend to take for granted the things our mothers do, we tend to forget how they brought us in this world filled with pain and suffering, the sacrifice they made for nine months just to keep us safe and ready for the outside world, the trials they had to face just to give us a life were suppose to live, to give us a future we deserve,. . .  
A mother’s love is one of the most beautiful things in the world, it is unconditional, it is endless, it is pure and it is the real definition of TRUE LOVE... 
A mother will do anything to protect us to the point of risking their lives, that's how they love and that's how they care, they will never leave us, and not even death can break the binding love a mother has for her child
Two year old Flint with his Papa Rocky & Mama Mimi
August 1989
Sometimes,  we take them for granted not knowing that time is never on our side, we may never know and we can never tell when we'll see our mothers again. 
So why don't we take time to look at our mom, say thank you for all the things they have sacrificed for us, the sleepless nights they had just to take good care of us when we had a fever, the times they had to endure just to cook, wash and clean for us before we went to school, all the things they've done they did with no complaint 
Everything was done from the heart and with a was all for us..
Let’s take time to sit with them, make them feel that they are special, hug them before going out or spend some quality time with them, because at the end of the day, one kiss, one hug and "I LOVE YOU" is all they ask for. 

 In memory of my mom and my grandma, two great women who will always be in my heart and would always be my inspiration


Blogger's Note:

If there's one reason why Mimi as we fondly call her and Nang Baby, Mimi's mom should be smiling from up there, it's how all three kids have grown up to be sensible young adults who were able to cope and come to terms with their loss even at a very young age

L-R: Neiman Flint Gatal, Hattie Gatal & Neilton Paolo Gatal

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