Friday, February 14, 2014

The Tragic Death of a Boholana Beauty Queen

 Sixteen year old Marecor during Miss Bohol 2000
It was one uneventful day in September 2010 when the tragedy happened.  

The news of the violent and senseless murder of businesswoman and former Miss Tubigon Marecor "Coi" Recio and her husband Alphonsus "Dodo" Boligao shocked the pageant community in Bohol.

They were on their way home on board their car when ambushed by still unidentified assailants.

Marecor who was due with her third child reportedly tried to shield her husband from the killers but it was a futile attempt.


Your blogger took the shocking news involving the young good- looking couple and their unborn child with disbelief and sadness

You see, I became friends with the vivacious Marecor Recio and met Dodo who was then her boyfriend when she represented the Municipality of Tubigon in the 2000 Miss Bohol Sandugo Beauty Pageant. 

Marecor had just graduated that year from Holy Cross Academy in Tubigon. 


Her innate poise, the class & the sophistication she exuded clinched for her the 2nd Runner Up place as well as being selected by corporate sponsors as Miss BCCTV and Miss Lite Shipping

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Marecor is second from left in this PINR poolside photo

L-R: Miss Tubigon 2nd RU, Miss Calape is Miss Bohol, Miss Tagb City 1st RU  


We soon parted ways after the pageant but seven years later, I got a call from Marecor who excitedly told me that she was finally getting married with Dodo Boligao, the love of her life. 

After an exchange of pleasantries, she asked me if I could emcee their wedding reception. Of course, I said yes!

It was such a memorable and romantic wedding reception and I was so happy for my friends Dodo and Marecor and everyone present could only wish nothing but the best for them but it wasn't meant to be 

Memories about Marecor and her untimely demise came pouring out when I was scanning the accompanying photos for my blog feature on Mellanie Wallace's Miss Bohol Sandugo triumph back in 2000

A lot of speculation came out during the investigation of the Boligao couple's death along with an unborn child.(Marecor was on her last trimester when she died) but your blogger will not dwell on it in deference and with respect to their respective families. 

The tragic murder did not only cut short their lives but also resulted in two orphaned children Hannah Frances, 8 years old and Bien Manuel, 2 years old


There is always that deep sense of loss and heartbreak every time I look at the photos that remind me of that lost youth and potential

Sleep tight Marecor for I know you will wake up in a place where there is eternal beauty and sunshine and where pain would never be around to hurt you. 

I'm sure also that you are happy where you are for he is there with you and your angel

Photo Credits: Mellanie Angelina Wallace

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