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Miss Tagbilaran & Miss Bohol Reunion Photo

When the Chocolate Hills Lady Jaycees took over the staging of the annual search for Mutya sa Tagbilaran in the summer of 1989, there was little fanfare and there were no expectations at all

The unexpected mega success of their first ever Mutya sa Tagbilaran boosted their confidence and made them overnight experts on pageantry

They were able to institutionalize the pageant from the recruitment of potential candidates to the staging of the pageant & coronation night

From 1989 until 1999, the dynamic Chocolate Hills Lady Jaycees oversaw the production of the pageant, considered one of the highlights of the fiesta celebration of Tagbilaran City

Roster of Winners:

YEAR        NAME                                 PLACEMENT IN MISS BOHOL

1989         Winnie Moreno Lim             1989 Miss Bohol Fiesta Islands
1990         Marivic Labado                   1990 Miss Bohol Fiesta Islands 1st RU
1991        Joanna Cheryl M. Evardone   1991 Miss Bohol Sandugo 2nd RU
1992        Suzy Tabuno                        1992 Miss Bohol Sandugo 1st RU
1993        Sophia Lorraine Alvarez        did not compete
1994        Vanessa Joyce M. Evardone   1994 Miss Bohol Sandugo
1995        no pageant                           no candidate for Miss Bohol
1996        Fragelle Tejano                    1996 Miss Bohol Sandugo 1st RU
1997        Soccorro D Marie T. Inting      1997 Miss Bohol Sandugo
1998       Jesyl B. Del Rosario               did not compete
1999       Marime M. Marapao               1999 Miss Bohol Sandugo 3rd RU

I have been involved with the production of these pageants from project assistant to pageant emcee.

I was the pageant’s emcee on the following years; 1993,1996,1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2008, 2009 and 2010

I owe my start in emceeing and event coordination to these superheroines from the Chocolate Hills Lady Jaycees


Imagine the nostalgic moment when I got hold of this group photo of five former Miss Tagbilaran winners & a runner up. 

Three of them went on to become Miss Bohol Sandugo queens during their years of reign

One is a Supreme Court lawyer while another is a Connecticut- based doctor of medicine. There is a banker also. Two others are US- based nurses and another one is a businesswoman in Canada

This photo was taken in April 29, 1999 during the 10th year anniversary of Mutya sa Tagbilaran that was won by Marime Marapao

with Miss Tagbilaran Winners

From L- R: Your Blogger, Chewee Evardone 1991, Suzy Tabuno 1992 , Bambi Evardone 1994 , Fragelle Tejano 1996 , Talie Inting 19 97 & Josely Ferniz the 1997 1st RU who became Miss Bohol Sandugo in 1998

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