Monday, June 9, 2014

Dorina Loseñada Doerr: Another Boholana in Mutya ng Pilipinas 2014

Dorina Loseñada Doerr
Here’s more good news for Boholano pageant enthusiasts. Aside from Candy Cumayas of Panglao Island, we also have Dorina Loseñada Doerr, a delightful combination of the East & West who got the best genes from her German dad Klaus Doerr and her Tagbilaran City- born mother Evelyn Loseñada

The 20 year old stunner who stands 5’ 6” tall is representing the Filipino community of Germany where she was born and raised.

To learn more about the culture & life where her mom comes from, she packed her bags & flew in from Heidelberg, Germany and studied at Holy Name University in Tagbilaran City, Bohol when she was in 3rd year high school.

She is currently staying in Cebu City and has volunteered for a social project for almost a year now. She goes to Bohol regularly to visit her relatives


Here’s my interview with Dorina:

What are your expectations from the upcoming pageant?
“I think we will have exciting but also exhausting weeks. It will be fun but also hard work at the same time. It’s a unique experience in my opinion, which I am already thankful for”
How are you preparing for the pageant?
“Training on walking, Q&A, of course taking care of myself inside and outside, going to the gym”
Who is your pageant mentor?
“Dexter Alazas”
We closed the interview with these parting shots from Dorina
If ever it’s my destiny to win or place in the pageant, I hope to inspire people especially my fellow Boholanos. Winning would also mean being able to support more charity projects aside from the one that I am actively volunteering for right now.
You see, I have always believed that we have to give more of ourselves to those who have less”
Good luck to you Dorina! Let the Boholana beauty shine from within! 
Bohol is behind you in your Mutya ng Pilipinas journey!

Photo Credits: Wendell Sevilleno

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