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Miss Tagbilaran 2010: Meet Ms. Fer Mary Baliquig

One of my favorite local beauty queens ever is Fer Mary Baliquig, the 2010 Miss Tagbilaran and 2010 Miss Bohol Sandugo 1st Runner Up

She would later on be discovered in Facebook by noted beauty pageant mentor and now Miss Grand Philippines franchise holder John dela Vega who would then groom and train her for Binibini


Fer Mary’s entry into and subsequent journey in pageantry began when Your Blogger encouraged her to join in our school’s English Week celebrations where she, together with other chosen college freshmen beauties were asked to participate in a segment that would simulate the Parade of Nations in Miss Universe. 

You see, I was her English 2 (Writing Class) mentor and I was immediately drawn to her statuesque frame and smooth kayumanggi complexion.

Fer Mary Baliquig prepares for Miss Tagbilaran 2010
It was a pleasant surprise to me when I found out after a writing assignment that this budding beauty CAN actually express herself in written English. I realized there and then that she was a potential beauty queen for she had the beauty, the stance & the communication skills. It was just a matter of honing and polishing her for pageantry.

Your Blogger with Miss Tagbilaran 2010 Top Three 
Noted Boholano designer took her under his wings and thus began her journey in pageantry. In 2009, she joined Dampas District’s official preliminary for Miss Tagbilaran where she placed 2nd Runner Up. Not bad for a first- timer. The training and the grooming continued.

Fer Mary during Miss Tagbilaran 2010

The following year, she competed in Miss Tagbilaran where she reigned supreme. She impressed both the judges and audience alike with one of the most memorable Miss Tagbilaran Personality Interviews:
Fer Mary Baliquig during Personality Interviews

EMCEE: “You are the tallest candidate in this year's Miss Tagbilaran pageant.Do you consider your height as a big advantage over the others?”
FER: “Yes but I have more to offer than just my height. I have the charm, the confidence and the personality”
EMCEE: “So how would you describe the ideal Miss Tagbilaran 2010?” 
FER: “Raul, you are looking at her right now” 
EMCEE: “Without naming names and without mentioning slogans, describe your ideal president” 
FER: “Honest. My ideal president should be honest because honesty is the answer to solving the problems of graft and corruption and most importantly, it will be the key to our country's progress and development.”

From Miss Tagbilaran, it was onwards to Miss Bohol Sandugo 2010 where she was picked as one of the solid locks for the title. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be and she ended up as 1st Runner Up to the vivacious and bubbly Amir Sol from Tubigon who clinched the title in a very convincing and well- deserved victory.
Fer Mary Baliquig in her EJ Relampagos gown
during Miss Bohol Sandugo 2010
After the pageant, I lost contact with Fer until the exciting news from EJ’s camp that Fer was seriously considering a plan to join Bb. Pilipinas in 2012. She was already a Cebu City- based call center agent when the 2012 Bb. Pilipinas Pageant beckoned her.


Prior to the screening, she had to fly to Manila where she was groomed and trained by the House of Dela Vega for the country’s most prestigious and longest- running national pageant.

Fer Mary Baliquig during 2012 Bb Pilipinas Opening Number 

Although she did make it as one of 24 girls who were chosen as official candidates and was in many pageant lists as most likely to enter the Top 12, she didn’t make the cut. 

From Bb. Pilipinas, it was on to Miss World Philippines 2012 where she met the same outcome. 

during 2012 Miss Philippines World 
Swimsuit Competition
Come to think of it, to be selected as official candidate in two very prestigious national pageants from hundreds of applicants from all over the Philippines is already an achievement in itself.
MWP 2010: Fer Mary with eventual winner Queenierich Rehman
who placed in the Top 15 of Miss World 2012
On hindsight, I guess it was the lack of support from Tagbilaran and Bohol that did her in. Many don’t realize how expensive and difficult it is to prepare for a national pageant especially for the girls who come from the province.


She has taken everything in stride and has put her previous pageant experiences in their proper perspective. Right now, she is based in Manila where she is pursuing her dreams and waiting for the right time to turn those dreams into realities in the near future.

So don’t count Fer Mary yet. Who knows? She is more than ready to spring a surprise when you least expect it. She is right under the wings and getting ready to take her spotlight

Good luck Fer Mary!

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