Friday, March 6, 2015

Who Will be Bb Pilipinas Universe 2015? A Repeater or a Crossover?

Before I answer my own question, let me define the key buzzwords here. Repeater  is defined as a pageant returnee who joins again with the hope of an improvement from her previous attempt. A Crossover is someone who has a previous pageant experience from a rival or similar pageant. For this lesson in Pageantry 101, we give you five of these girls who, because of their experiences in pageantry  are considered as frontrunners  of Bb Pilipinas 2015.

These photos were taken during the Hair & Make Up Seminar sponsored by David’s Salon

Will the next Miss Philippines- Universe come from this group of beauties? Who of these girls got your attention? 

Is she the sweet & sultry senorita from Zamboanga City named Nancy Leonard who originally  finished as Miss Philippines Water 2013 (equivalent of 2nd RU) but later advanced one notch higher after the original 1st RU resigned? 

 # 29 Nancy Leonard

Is she the elegant and delicate looking Kimverlyn Suiza, a crossover from Miss Philippines Earth 2013 and original 1st RU from that batch. She was one of my faves in last year's Bb Pilipinas Pageant but didn't advance to the semifinals.
 # 8 Kimverlyn Suiza
Patricia Ejercitado is making her third and final attempt for a Bb Pilipinas crown. It was an uneventful first try in 2010 but made it to the semifinals in 2012. Will the third attempt bear fruit this time?
 # 30 Patricia Ejercitado
Pia Wurztbach, the biggest risk- taker of them all , is touted to take home one of the major crowns this year but who knows? She was 1st RU in 2013 and her sophomoric attempt last year was a shocking exclusion from the Top Seven
 # 10 Pia Wurtzbach
But majority of the pageant experts and fans are placing their bets on Janicel Lubina to take it all this pageant night set on March 15. She was Miss Bikini Philippines in 2012 and 1st RU to the great Megan Young in Miss World Philippines 2013. She is a rarity in pageants with her exotic Pinay beauty, stratospheric height and commanding stage presence. 

Her only drawback? Her seeming lack of communication skills but for this blogger, that can be remedied.
# 11 Janicel Lubina
Photo Credits: BbPilipinasCharities

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